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The Supply Chain Finance Observatory of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano was established in 2013 to address the increasing interest of companies and public authorities in the possibilities offered by supply chain finance solutions to optimise their working capital and access to credit. By Supply Chain Finance, we mean the set of models, solutions and services that can be used to optimise financial performance - especially in terms of controlling working capital - and which exploit knowledge gained from managing supply chain relationships. The aim of the Observatory is to generate and share knowledge about Supply Chain Finance, and so contribute towards spreading these solutions across the Italian market, to the benefit of all players, and stimulate debate and dialogue by creating a community of C-level executives.


Conduct analysis and research that help companies, from both the supply and demand sides, and Italian public authorities to examine the issue of Supply Chain Finance critically (fields of application, technologies, international benchmarks, value chain, analysis of user companies, legislation, etc.).


Organise events so that the main players in this market and the Observatory’s Advisory Board directors can meet and debate on these topics.
Take part in matters concerning the International Supply Chain Finance Community.


Create a culture and spread knowledge on the concept and solutions of Supply Chain Finance within companies in the sector and among potential users (private and public organisations).


On the technical and legal aspects concerning the world of Supply Chain Finance. On the structure, relationships and features of specific supply chains.


Research for 2019-2020, in line with the aim of the Observatory to generate and share knowledge about Supply Chain Finance, and so contribute towards spreading these solutions across the Italian market, to the benefit of all players, will focus on 6 horizontal fields viewed from 3 different perspectives. The topics will be defined by the Research team in collaboration with supporters.


Adopted perspectives:

  • The Supply Chain Finance market
    • Goals – Estimate the volumes of all solutions at Italian and international level; in-depth analysis of most interesting markets; Define application areas for all solutions.
  • Digital Procurement
    • Goals – Understand the synergies and estimate the benefits of jointly adopting Digital Procurement and SCF tools
  • Digital Trade
    • Goals – Identify and classify best practices adopted at international level for cash management; Understand how Cash Management can leverage SCF.


Research fields:

  • Digital Supply Chain Finance
    • Goals – Census and analyze active startups and initiatives in this sector; Estimate costs and benefits of adopting such technologies; Identify application cases.
  • Organizational transformation
    • Goals – Identify the various SCF implementation and management models within companies; Identify the impact of SCF in terms of organization and processes.
  • Order-to-pay journey
    • Goals – Understand costs and benefits of integrated and automated management of the passive cycle as opposed to a flexible solution.
  • SMB and SCF: what's next?
    • Estimate the value of the SCF and SMB served market; Understand the various types of aggregation that promote credit access for SMBs.
  • Supply Chain Finance Risk Management
    • Stimulate supply chain integrated risk management projects; Continue the quantitative analysis on advanced creditworthiness evaluation.
  • International Supply Chain Finance Arena
    • Monitor the evolution of international collaborations; Examine emerging markets (East Europa, South America, Asia, Africa) in depth.



The Observatory is also part of the International Supply Chain Finance Community (www.scfcommunity.com), an organization that creates and shares knowledge on the Supply Chain Finance concept, developing activities, projects and initiatives to support the spread and implementation of the various solutions, primarily at European level


The Advisory Board plays a distinctive role within the Supply Chain Finance Observatory. This community of managers from production or distribution companies, with a variety of backgrounds (mainly in Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain, Purchasing and ICT) discusses and makes observations on the work carried out and shared by the research team, debating these matters on the basis of their own experience in the field. To see the Community of C-level managers involved last year go to this link.


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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Partners and Sponsors

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Supply Chain Finance Observatory, please contact Agostino Bonzani (email: agostino.bonzani@polimi.it) or Claudia Cervatti (email: claudia.cervatti@polimi.it).