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Professionals & Digital Innovation

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The Observatory aims to identify the evolutionary directions of organization and business models of law, accounting, and labour consultancy firms through inquiries, interviews, and reference models.


Activities planned by the Observatory for 2019-2020 are:

  • research, with international entities, in comparative partnership with France, Spain, Italy smart working and knowledge management within law, accounting and labour consultancy firms;
  • research, with the support of national Councils and Study Foundations, the role of digital innovation in strategies, organization and business models, and professional firms;
  • 2 discussion tables dedicated to smart working and knowledge management topics to identify the best way to proceed in the development of these themes within professional firms;
  • 1 workshop dedicated to presenting the results of the national and international research conducted by the Observatory on applying Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain within professional firms with the presentation of business cases either already deployed or under implementation;
  • bi-weekly newsletter on digital innovation topics at national and international level, distributed to the professional community;
  • internal community blog to promote the debate on innovation topics;
  • fifth edition of the "Digital professional of the year" contest open only to professional firms and their innovation in management through technology solution projects;
  • 1 public conference to present Research results, with round tables and speeches by the main players of the professional sector.


As part of the 2019-2020 research the Observatory aims to:


  • Examine the evolution scenario of organization and business models of law, accounting and labour consultancy firms;
  • Compare the current status and evolution directions for the adoption of smart working and knowledge management within firms at national level and in France and Spain, through a comparative investigation with the Italian situation;
  • Measure the entity and nature of investments in technology made by firms, combined with expense and destination expectations;
  • Identify behaviour patterns for each of the professions examined in relation to the variables of a model that measures the degree of innovation and innovativeness of the firms;
  • Trace the relationship between profitability and certain behaviour variables in order to identify main change drivers and the impact on economic-financial aspects.



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