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The Professional Practices and Digital Innovation Observatory is instrumental in propagating informed awareness of digital innovation within legal practices, accounting practices and those of employment consultants and notaries and within other professional firms. The approach considers the Professions within their baseline ecosystem, which includes customers, competitors, technological vendors and their channels, public authorities and financial institutes. In this landscape, following a pre-competitive logic, the aim of the Observatory is to: a) bring the latent needs of the various professional categories to emerge; b) identify changes in the demand for professional services; c) monitor studies that can produce emulation and knowledge assimilation processes within their respective categories; d) map current and future trends of organizational and business models of the firms, evaluating to what extent the use of technology can promote change processes; e) provide indications on the most suitable strategies to deal with the changes taking place in their respective ecosystems.


The Observatory’s work for its fifth edition consists of:

  • Prepare and send an online survey (for the sixth consecutive year) targeted to Lawyers, Certified Accountants, Accounting Experts, Labor Consultants, and Public Notaries to understand the state of adoption of main technologies, the inclination to invest in new technologies and the Firms’ organizational and business models, with the goal of responding to: Which direction are Professional Practices following? What behavioral trends are emerging?
  • Prepare and send an online survey addressing the SMB sector, a target market for Professional Firms, to identify clients’ needs and respond to queries such as: What new requirements are being expressed by SMBs? What services would they like to have from the Professional Practices they normally use in addition to the ones that are traditionally purchased?
  • Organize an interactive and well-regulated workshop structured in three appointments, to develop and reach the goal of using data transiting within the Firms to improve internal management and develop new services, to respond to: How can data be transformed into ‘Capital Assets’ for the Firms? By working on the data can the Firms’ ‘toolboxes’ be expanded?
  • Organise the fourth “Digital Professionist” award, for professional practices and firms that have set themselves apart for their innovative vision and for applying digital solutions to their organisational and business models.
  • Organise a concluding event (in Milan) to present the findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by the main players in professional firms, with in-depth analyses of real situations of innovation; our award for leading “digital” professionals is presented at these conventions.
  • Prepare several study cases that analyse large professional practices, in order to capture how their organisational and business models are evolving, and how they can become an example of reference.
  • Prepare Observatory reports that summarise the research conducted both overall and within each professional area examined and for each topic covered (available on www.osservatori.net)
  • Send a newsletter every two weeks to provide updates on the topics of greatest interest to Professionals (innovation in the professional world, technical-regulatory updates, highly interesting articles notified by Research Partners and Sponsors).


The Observatory’s research is concerned with monitoring the process of introducing digital technology within professional practices and firms, highlighting the trends in evolution, the tendency among these practices to invest in computer and information technology, the evolution in the business models they are employing and the capacity of these practices to interact with companies and so introduce a new management culture, as well as meet new requirements that are close to the characteristic way of managing businesses, entrusted with making the entrepreneur’s venture capital profitable.

In particular, the Observatory will prepare two vertical studies, in order to:

  • Examine how SMBs demand for professional services is changing, to provide useful indications to Professionals on the trends to be followed;
  • Design an operative course to help Firms valorize the data and information transiting within, aiming to develop new services for clients


The Observatory’s research is based upon an empirical analysis that involves law and business professional communities in several surveys and cases of best practice, achieved also through the collaboration of national councils and research institutes for lawyers, accountants, employment consultants, notaries and all supporters of the Professionals and Digital Innovation Observatory.


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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Professionals & Digital Innovation Observatory, please contact Claudio Rorato (email: claudio.rorato@polimi.it).