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The Online Gaming Observatory is sponsored by the School of Management, the Customs and Monopolies Agency and Sogei (www.sogei.it - a company providing information and communications technology services belonging to the Italian Ministry for Economy and Finance). It is concerned with studying - in depth and critically - the online games market and be a permanent point of reference for the sector. Every year, the Observatory’s objective is to measure the market and number of gamblers, overall and by gaming type, in order to analyse the offer on various digital channels and to compare the Italian landscape with the major regulated international markets. The Observatory involves the main operators in the sector, arranging meetings and debates on the most influential trends in place, organising a convention that acts as a hub and focal point for the major players in the field. The Observatory is responsible for a number of national and international publications and enjoys regular coverage in generalist and specialised press.


The Online Gaming Observatory carries out the following initiatives every year:

  • a quantitative estimation of the market based upon telematics data regarding all the concessionaires gathered and filed by Sogei;
  • a quantitative estimation of the market value of mobile gaming, using data collected by the principle concessionaires;
  • a quantitative estimation of the market value of mobile gaming, using data collected by the principle concessionaires;;
  • a comparison between the ongoing dynamics within the market of online gaming/gambling in Italy and the digital content and e-commerce markets;
  • a comparison between the ongoing dynamics in the market of online gaming in Italy and the main entertainment sectors (football box offices, cinema, theatre and video games);
  • an analysis of the value chain of online gaming, based upon interviews with senior management for the Italian market and through secondary sources for the international market; our intention is to monitor the evolution of online gaming strategies in the sector;
  • a direct analysis of the offer of games delivered over all channels (mobile devices, tablets, connected TVs);
  • a critical analysis of all the main international sources (reports, scientific publications, press releases, press items in general and specialist newspapers, etc.);
  • three workshops by invitation on key topics for the market, where the objective is to stimulate discussion and debate on the critical directions of the market;
  • a report on the main findings of our research;
  • an event at which the findings of the research are presented.


The objectives set out for the Observatory’s research are to:

  • measure the market - in terms of expenditure, operator turnover and applicable tax - classified according to various aspects (different types of games, geographical areas, gaming channels, etc.);
  • study consumer online gaming behaviour, measuring the number and frequency of games played and relative life-time value, and examining the users’ social-demographic profile;
  • analyse the structure of the offer and gain an understanding of the various players in the sector;
  • measure the offer on new channels (smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and social media) and closely examine their place in how the sector is evolving;
  • compare the Italian market with the main regulated international markets;
  • outline the main trends in place and potential future developments.


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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Online Gaming Observatory, please contact Marco Planzi (email: marco.planzi@osservatori.net) or Samuele Fraternali (email: samuele.fraternali@polimi.it).