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The Observatory was established in 2017 to support companies in understanding the impacts of a customer-centric approach, starting from customer relationship processes. The basic assumptions are that the number of multichannel consumers is by now very high, that their behaviours are greatly varied and it is therefore necessary to define an omnichannel and data-driven customer relationship strategy.


Activities planned for 2017 by the Observatory are:

  • empirical Research aimed at providing a frame of reference, identifying the state of the art in terms of the strategic approach of Italian companies to omnichannel, understanding organizational impacts of a customer-centric approach, and mapping the main technologic solutions available on the market;
  • two internal workshops with Observatory Partners and Sponsors, one aimed at guiding Research activities, the other at sharing results prior to the conclusive Conference;
  • three thematic workshops to share experiences and debate with Partners, Sponsors, and supply companies;
  • a public conference to present Research results with round tables and talks given by the sector’s major players.


With the 2017 Research the Observatory aims to:

  • define a frame of reference to understand how to determine an Omnichannel Customer Experience strategy;
  • analyse the state of the art in terms of the strategic approach of Italian companies to Omnichannel Customer Experience (strategy, processes involved, governance, roles, etc.);
  • expand on the Data Driven Marketing topic to evaluate the impact of marketing supporting data for customer segmentation and the activation of profiled marketing and customer care strategies;
  • outline the value chain supporting companies that are looking to implement Omnichannel Customer Experience strategies;
  • monitor the spread of technology solutions supporting Omnichannel Customer Experience strategies of Italian companies;
  • map the business model evolution to guarantee consumers a seamless, omnichannel experience in terms of Everywhere Shopping;
  • analyse the opportunities and impact of a customer-centric approach to ensure customer loyalty (loyalty management, digital caring, etc.)

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Partners and Sponsors

For more information of the possibility of collaborating and supporting Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory Research, please contact Luigi Alicante (email: luigi.alicante@polimi.it).