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Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Now at its third Edition, the Observatory aims to support companies in understanding the potential offered by an omnichannel approach and provide some insights and guidelines on how to implement it effectively, overcoming existing barriers with the ultimate goal of generating a positive impact on business.
The basic assumptions are that the number of multichannel consumers is by now very high, that their behaviours are greatly varied and it is therefore necessary to define an omnichannel and data-driven customer relationship strategy.


Activities planned for 2019 by the Observatory are:

  • Empirical Research aimed at identifying the necessary actions and implementation roadmaps to overcome the barriers that characterize the Omnichannel Customer Experience Management strategies and monitor their adoption status among Italian companies; the picture is completed by an analysis of the benefits, supporting organizational models and available technologies;
  • Two internal workshops with Observatory Partners and Sponsors, one aimed at guiding Research activities, the other at sharing results prior to the conclusive Conference;
  • Two informative meetings with the Advisory Board (reserved for Advisory Board members and Partners) also as regards developed Research topics, and introductory to targeted thematic workshops;
  • Two thematic workshops to present Research findings on vertical topics ("organizational impacts at the base of an omnichannel transformation" and "activities and technologies for successful data-driven marketing initiatives "), that are also an opportunity to share experiences and debate with Partners and Sponsors as well as demand side companies;
  • A working table (reserved for decision makers from client companies and Observatory supporters) based on group interaction and discussion, aimed at sharing experiences of companies from different sectors, on the matter of experience-touchpoint interaction in Omnichannel Customer Experience strategies;
  • A public conference to present Research results with round tables and talks given by the sector’s major players.


With the 2019 Research the Observatory aims to:

  • Provide tangible guidelines on how to overcome cultural barriers and organizational difficulties to implement the Omnichannel Customer Experience Management process (in terms of processes, governance, roles and organizational models);
  • Standardize ways of overcoming technological issues in the implementation of an Omnichannel Customer Experience and in particular, how to overcome the limitations of legacy systems and what opportunities are offered by Integration Layers – API Gateway;
  • Elaborate on the topic of integrating and harmonizing the user experience across touchpoints and understand what it means for touchpoints to actually communicate enabling a versatile and customized experience;
  • Define the role of the Content Marketing Strategy within the Omnichannel Customer Experience management strategy and what changes are required by companies;
  • Define the degree of maturity of Italian companies to strategically approaching Omnichannel Customer Experience Management and the new trends compared to the past;
  • Identify the main KPIs used to measure the performance of an Omnichannel Customer Experience strategy.

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