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In a nutshell, the term Smart AgriFood identifies a vision of the future of the agricultural and food supply chain according to which digital technologies will enable the entire sector to increase its competitiveness.

Within this context, Smart AgriFood Observatory is focused on being the reference point in Italy, with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of digital innovation (processes, infrastructural, applicative, HW and SW) that are transforming agricultural and food supply chains, combining main areas of required expertise: economic and operational; technologic and agronomic.

The Observatory’s goal is to convey Research results to decision makers, initiating opportunities for stakeholders to meet and debate, to promote communication and value innovation and develop culture by spreading information and knowledge about digital innovation for the s

Aupply chain.ctivity

Activities that outline the first edition of the Observatory are:

  • Perform empirical Research (through detailed case studies, extensive surveys), and model development to identify primary innovation areas and consequent impact on agricultural and food supply chains;
  • Organize multiple meeting and debate opportunities:
    • A dedicated Kick off workshop for the Observatory community (Research Partners and Sponsors, and Advisory Board members), designed to identify and discuss Smart AgriFood main topics of interest worth looking into more closely;
    • Organize a minimum of three update and opinion sharing workshops exclusively for the Observatory community (Research Partners and Sponsors, and Advisory Board members), focused on discussing midway Research results and establish moments of effective debate, sharing experiences and success stories;
    • A public Conference to present Research findings, with round table discussions and keynotes attended and delivered by Observatory partners, and other leading players of the Smart AgriFood world;
  • Organize events of national and international relevance amidst the most important trade shows throughout the Italian territory, dedicated to some Observatory Research vertical topics (e.g. viticulture and oenology, dairy and livestock, olive cultivation, dematerialisation, etc.);
  • Develop a paper-based Booklet Report with a summary of Observatory Research main results (distributed at the Conference) and of a series of “vertical ” Reports in digital format containing specific insights on distinct topics discussed;
  • Distribution of Research results and extensive communication through Media.


The first edition of the Observatory’s Research focuses on the following objectives and thematic areas.


  • Main “knowledge” goal focus of the Research activity *:
    • Analyse and understand supply and demand of Smart AgriFood applications;
    • Map and identify leading application and technology environments;
    • Estimate the value – current and potential – as well as main Smart AgriFood market growth drivers in Italy;
    • Measure impacts – in terms of actual ability to create value – resulting from the introduction of Smart AgriFood models, both at single “supply chain” and entire Economic System level.


  • Main study themes *:
    • Main “knowledge” goal focus of the Research activity *:
      • Precision agriculture (targeted irrigation and fertilisation, remote animal and crop monitoring, etc.)
      • Procedure and red tape dematerialization (electronic Certificates and Prescriptions, Digital Identity, Production Quota and Disciplinary (Proceedings) Management, etc.):
      • Traceability (Product lifecycle Monitoring, Anti-counterfeiting, Livestock and agricultural production Tracking, etc.)
      • Environmental and food Quality (Reduce usage of production and territory resources, Animal welfare, Improve product quality, etc.);
      • Internet of Things applications (Sensor, Telemetering, widespread and Broadband Connectivity etc.).


    * Research themes and goals will be consolidated, together with the Observatory community, at the Kick off meeting.

Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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Partners and Sponsors

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other Smart AgriFood Observatory research, please contact Filippo Renga (email: filippo.renga@polimi.it), or Damiano Frosi (email: damiano.frosi@polimi.it).