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Established in 2019, the Drone Observatory – resulting from the combined competences of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology – aims to be a stable, separate point of reference for the study and monitoring of the rapidly evolving and constantly changing UAS sector, ensuring a qualified and independent comparison between all players involved.


The activities planned by the Observatory for 2020/21 are:

  • in-field research involving all main players of the drone industry, user companies and key institutions in this field;
  • a roundtable [oppure forum/panel attenzione NO working o work table] on Drones and Logistics with Partners, Sponsors and the Observatory Advisory Board in collaboration with Contract Logistics Gino Marchet,;
  • a discussion/debate Workshop on Start-ups with Partners, Sponsors and the Observatory Advisory Board;
  • an interactive Workshop on Technology with Partners, Sponsors and the Observatory Advisory Board;
  • a public conference to present Research findings in the Drone sector with round tables and talks delivered by the leading players of this sector.

Event schedule 2020/2021:

  • Kick-off Workshop, 23 April 2020 (**streaming);
  • Roundtable "Drones and logistics", 2 July 2020;
  • Discussion/debate Workshop "Start-ups", 30 September 2020;
  • Interactive Workshop "Technology", 25 November;
  • Public Conference, 18 February 2021 at Aula Magna Carassa e Dadda – Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, Via Lambruschini 4, Building BL28, Milano.

*All events, excluding the final Conference, are reserved to Partners, Sponsors, and members of the Drone Observatory Advisory Board. All events will be delivered in streaming throughout the duration of the Covid19 Decree.

For information please contact Alberto Curnis ( and Claudia Cervatti (


With the 2020-2021 Research the Observatory aims to:

  • Analyse and quantify the professional drone market in Italy (also in light of the Covid-19 emergency) to enable comparisons across the international scenario
  • Italian professional drone market quantification and initial survey of the growth drivers of companies operating in the market
  • Supply chain description in terms of numerousness of companies, roles covered, dimensions and characteristics
  • Identify startups operating on the drone market at international level
  • Describe business models of companies operating in the market
  • International comparison aimed at understanding main areas of strength and weakness of our ecosystem compared to other European countries (to be selected with Partners, Sponsors and Advisory Board)

  • Map applications at international level, establishing their degree of maturity and attractiveness
  • Identify application cases of the technology (actual and potential) in Italy and abroad
  • Monitor emergency related applications
  • Identify operation categories (Open, Specific, Certified) for European cases
  • Analyse drone recordings on the ENAC/D-Flight Portal
  • Identify similar requirement demand profiles
  • In depth examination of some vertical sectors (selected with Partners, Sponsors and Advisory Board)

  • Analyse the Urban Air Mobility & Delivery sector at international level and quantify the development potential in Italy
  • Map applications at international level of both demand and offer sides
  • Classify and compare existing technological alternatives
  • Analyse against legislation

  • Understand technological alternatives available for various sector and application types
  • Map scientific drone literature
  • Identify technology requirements of some sectors and applications (to choose with Partners, Sponsors and Advisory Board)
  • Identify acceptable solutions (in technology and legislative terms) for the chosen sector and applications

  • Monitor the evolution of drone legislative requirements on an ongoing basis
  • Monitor European regulations
  • Study and compare regulations of some non EU Countries (to be chosen with Partners, Sponsors and Advisory Board)

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