Digital Innovation in SMBs

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The Italian economic framework is characterized by over 4 million micro, small, and medium businesses that today are faced with digital transformation; digital solution providers frequently require accurate data and information related to the Italian context.
This is why the Digital Innovation Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano in 2017 formed the Digital Innovation in SMBs Observatory, horizontal to multiple Observatories, in order to provide a detailed, in depth, and statistically representative overview of the current status of digitalization in Italian SMBs, expressed in terms of size, industry sector, and geographic areas.


The activities planned by the Observatory included within the 2019 Research are:

  • a survey representative of the population of Italian small and medium businesses (excluding microbusinesses) to understand the digital maturity of Italian SMBs and their approach to digital innovation, with a close-up on some technology (Tech) verticals;
  • qualitative interviews to small and medium businesses to verify and backup quantitative data;
  • an in depth analysis on available data from international and national secondary sources;
  • a critical analysis of all main international (reports, scientific publications, press releases, mainstream and specialized press articles, etc.) and national sources.

The Observatory will generate the following contents

  • a set of digital Reports on the topics analyzed throughout the year of research;
  • a series of Webinars on the topics analyzed throughout the year of research.


The Observatory’s 2019 Research goals are:

  • provide an overview of the role of SMBs in the Italian market;
  • study Italian SMBs’ approach to digital solutions in terms of organization (company roles and competences), investments dedicated and adoption of technologies;
  • vertically analyze the degree of maturity of Italian SMBs as regards some areas of digital innovation (for example Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Smart Working, etc.).

The Observatory Research is based on empirical analysis that, through surveys, interviews and case studies every year involves over 1000 players, including Entrepreneurs, General Managers, IT Managers and Digital and Innovation Managers of small and medium Italian companies.

Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For more information on the possibility of collaborating and supporting Research conducted by Digital Innovation in SMBs, please contact Giorgia Sali (email: giorgia.sali@polimi.it) or Irene Di Deo (email:irene.dideo@polimi.it).