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The Multichannel Observatory was established in 2007 with the goal of analyzing the propensity of Italian individuals for multichannel/omnichannel interaction with the business world.
Following 12 years of Research the Observatory has become the point of reference of the Italian business community to understand how consumers behave throughout their customer journey, promoting an open exchange between sector players, adding a growing element of dissemination and in depth study of multichannel/omnichannel related topics, developing the awareness of decision makers of the many opportunities available, aiming to promote market development.


Conference - October 2019


In particular, in addition to evolution trends highlighted in previous editions, Research this year focused on studying the behavior of Italian consumers by:


  • Analyzing the evolution of multichannel consumer scenarios and in particular Everywhere Commerce, in terms of:
    • Quantifying and qualifying online purchases compared to the entire Italian population;
    • Profiling various purchase styles and measure their evolution over time.
  • Analyzing the role of touchpoints within the customer journey with reference to Everywhere Commerce;
  • Analyzing average usage by Italian consumers (TV and Internet);
  • Identify prediction trends of the evolution of Italian consumer behaviors;


Ad-hoc in-depth analyses can be activated.

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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information on the possibility of collaborating with and supporting Observatory research please contact Virginia Giudici (email: virginia.giudici@polimi.it).