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The Mobile Banking Observatory was established in 2011 as the result of a collaboration between the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and ABI Lab (Centre of Research and Innovation in Banking, promoted by the Italian Banking Association). Its purpose is to conduct a critical analysis of how customer relationships in the financial sector are managed through mobile channels (smartphones, tablets and wearable devices), in order to increase understanding of the opportunities offered to the banking sector by digital innovation and omni-channels.


Research is conducted alongside meetings where research findings are presented and topics debated. These meetings are reserved for banks and Observatory ICT partners taking part in the research, with the objective of engendering a useful exchange of opinions, experiences and best practice among participants in the work group. In detail, the following will take place:

  • a kick-off meeting where the previous year’s results are presented and the new research series introduced;
  • four business meetings, held between November and May.


The research team also writes a report about the main findings and organises a convention in July to present and circulate their work and the detailed desk studies carried out through the Observatory.


The research focus of the Observatory is placed on creating Value for Banks through the Mobile channel. The search for Value is a beacon of sorts for all of the year’s activities. This beacon is pointed on two themes: Innovation and Omnichannel, which represent the two directions to follow to extract Mobile Banking Value. Clearly, it must all be supported by a Measurement base, fundamentally important to be able to evaluate the real impact of each action.

The three key themes of the Observatory are in fact Omnichannel, Innovation, and performance Measurement, representing the pillars on which the research project is built. Omnichannel by now represents the foundation from which a business organization of any sector must start to establish themselves in today’s market. This concept exactly portrays one of the strongest drives to innovation, also indispensable for the development and preservation of a company. Furthermore, activity performance measurement, and of innovations in particular, is essential to evaluate them and be able to decide which innovative elements to implement within the organization. To further explore these concepts, the Observatory intends to:

  • estimate the impact of the Mobile channel on the creation of Value for Banks;
  • stimulate an ongoing debate within the community created specifically on Mobile Banking and which sees the participation of Italian banking institutes and technology providers;
  • examine the relationship between channels;
  • evaluate the current status and tendency of innovations within Italian banks in terms of platforms, targets reached, new revenues, innovative services developed and to be developed;
  • search for case studies on Mobile Banking services with tangible results reporting value creation;
  • fully understand demand characteristics as regards number and type of users, usage behaviour, satisfaction level, reasons for not using, etc.;
  • investigate the behaviour of Mobile Banking users, particularly Millennials, those making provisions, and those using the physical channel;
  • define the accuracy and completeness of the indicator dashboard to use to evaluate the Mobile channel;
  • look into Mobile Banking related themes (e.g. Mobile First, Mobile Only, link between App and API, biometric and Mobile techniques, Mobile Payment, BOT, Mobile and security), also with the contribution of international experts at the workshops.

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For more information on collaborating with and supporting Mobile Banking Observatory research, contact Nadir Snouno (email: nadir.snouno@polimi.it).