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The goal of the Mobile B2c Strategy Observatory is to photograph the adoption status and the degree of strategic maturity of Italian companies’ use of Mobile technology to manage relationships with their consumers. Focus is also placed on the value added services offering made through their Mobile Assets (Mobile App, Mobile site, Messaging tools) to all major sectors and on identifying the main trends (organizational, technologic, strategic, etc.) in the Mobile channel that generate business opportunities for companies. In addition to Research activities, the Observatory organizes various occasions to discuss and share experiences with investor companies.


The Observatory’s work for 2018-2019 consists of:

  • a convention to present the findings of the research (March 28, 2019);
  • two vertical theme workshops (Mobile App & Wallet – December 4, 2018, Mobile KPI and measurement tools – January 24, 2019) with the participation of Observatory Partners and Sponsors and a select group of investor company representatives in multiple company roles (Digital Technology managers, ICT managers, Marketing managers, Chief Innovation Officers, Customer Care managers, Communication managers, Sales managers of major Italian companies) to promote the spread of knowledge and create opportunities for demand and offer to meet and debate on Research themes;
  • two round tables (Mobile Data Strategy – June 28,2018; Data & insight – October 23, 2018) attended by Observatory Partners and a few select Decision Makers from investor companies, with the goal of creating real occasions for an open and interactive comparison on key issues in a pre-competitive setting between demand and offer side companies;
  • 2 internal closed-door workshops reserved for partners and sponsors. The first is a kick-off event to explain the basis of our research; the second, held a few weeks before the convention, to present a preview of the main findings of our research and organize the Conference’s Round Tables.


The Observatory’s aims for 2018-2019 are as follows:

  • understand the impact of main technology trends in the Smartphone market (augmented reality, artificial intelligence, biometrics, chatbots, 5G, etc.) and as a result, on the business opportunities for companies;
  • study Mobile adoption dynamics at Italian level along all phases of the purchasing process (Mobile Advertising, Mobile Promotion, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payment, Mobile Service), identifying and quantifying, where possible, the impacts and results of Mobile technology on business;
  • study the Mobile Advertising market in depth to estimate the value and dynamics of investments and analyze current trends and the main advancements of the supply chain;
  • identify major current trends in the development and use of Mobile Assets (Messaging, Browsing and Apps – with special focus on Wallets) by large Italian companies, collecting KPIs on how the Mobile Assets of the main Italian companies are used by consumers;
  • estimate the dynamics of Sms Bulk volumes;
  • understand the state of the art of Italian companies in relation to Proximity marketing;
  • analyse the profile and behaviour of Italian Mobile surfers and their perception of Mobile initiatives launched by companies throughout the purchasing process;
  • critically understand current dynamics in the national and international scenario of startups operating in the Mobile Consumer sector.


The Observatory’s research entails:

  • dozens of interviews to demand companies, both large and medium-small;
  • dozens of interviews to offer companies;
  • a statistically significant survey on the consumer, carried out in collaboration with Doxa, on 1,500 users surfing the internet on smartphones, to understand the use of Mobile technology in the purchasing process and in the relations with the companies supplying them;
  • quantification of several specific market sectors (market advertising and bulk SMSs) through primary and secondary sources;
  • a census of Mobile Apps offered by major Italian companies to their customers;
  • a poll of start-ups receiving Italian and international financing over the past two years;
  • a critical analysis of all the main international sources (reports, scientific publications, press releases, press items in general and specialist newspapers, etc.).


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Partners and Sponsors

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the B2C Mobile Strategy Observatory, please contact Marta Valsecchi (email: marta.valsecchi@polimi.it)  or Giorgia Sali (email:giorgia.sali@polimi.it).