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The Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory studies advanced payment systems, concentrating in particular on mobile payments - when a mobile phone can be used to make a payment - and mobile commerce - when mobile phones are used in one or more stage of the commercial process other than payment. The Observatory highlights the distinction between remote mobile payments and proximity mobile payments. “Remote” payments take place when there is “distance” between the costumer and the retailer (or the device belonging to the retailer), while “proximity” payments take place when the customer (or the customer’s mobile device) and the retailer (or the retailer’s device) are very close.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field  research  involving the main players in the market: telcos, banks, financial institutions, payment processors, payment circuits, storekeepers, consumers, etc.
  • numerous  meetings and occasions for debate:
    • meetings in which research is planned, updated and a research series closed, and a convention with partners and sponsors;
    • specialist training meetings for our partners, sponsors and external (paying) stakeholders on topics requiring further training over and above information circulated among the main players. (some of the topics treated will be: international context analysis – with a closer look at Sweden, Spain and India – and legislation evolution);
    • workshops for interaction and discussion between partners, sponsor and other external stakeholders (debate between retailers, consumer user experience and mobile payment business models);
  • a  public convention  to present the main findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the business world;
  • a  paper report  containing the main findings of our research, which will be distributed during the convention;
  • several  online reports  on topics studied in our research.
  • a  weekly press review  for partners and sponsors that assembles the most important facts in the Italian and international market;


As a continuation of the research conducted over previous series, the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory will focus on 10 thematic areas.

  • Analysis of the offer  to recognise the structure of the value chain (involving players, functions, activities, etc.) and the underlying business models;
    • Mobile POS: monitor the evolution of the offer and main Mobile POS news at national and international level, and investigate the point of view of current uses.
    • Mobile Wallet: analyse the mobile wallet offer in Italy and globally, studying the aspects of planning, design, user-experience and associated added-value services. Additionally, analyse the economics connected to main service types.
    • Mobile p2p e Instant Payment: analysis of active solutions at domestic and international level, with the aim of understanding opportunities for players, in compliance with current legislation.
    • Mobility Sector: analysis of the evolution and expansion of Mobility connected services (TPL, Car Sharing, Taxi, …).
  • Analysis of the Demandto understand the needs and points of view of the «recipients» who can establish the spread of Mobile Payment & Commerce.
    • Focus on Consumers: examine the point of view and satisfaction level of current Italian Mobile Wallet users. In addition, analyse the communication modes and channels of main international Mobile Payment services.
    • Focus on Retailers: actively involve storekeepers to identify their needs and measure the value generated through mobile payment ∓ commerce solutions, specifically mobile wallets;
  • Analysis of the Market and its Framework  to recognise how the mobile payment & commerce systems are developing in Italy and the world and the contextual elements that influence it;
    • Application Scenario In Italy and worldwide: study the most interesting and innovative international cases in Spain, Sweden and India, survey the main active services in Italy and monitor the leading news at national and international level.
    • Measure the transactions: estimate the current value of transactions and the forecast of growth over the next three years (mobile sales of goods, assets and digital material, mobile remote payments, mobile proximity payments, mobile POS, contactless payments, Mobile P2p e P2b)
    • Start-ups and trends in innovation: a poll on the main start-ups in the field of mobile payment & commerce and identify the trends in innovation at international level;
    • Legislation, Technology, Security and Privacy: monitor the evolution of the legislative framework and study the main technological implications concerning security and privacy.


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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory, please contact Valeria Portale (valeria.portale@polimi.it) or Ivano Asaro (ivano.asaro@polimi.it).