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Cybersecurity & Data Protection

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The Information Security & Privacy Observatory, promoted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in its fifth edition, intends to respond to companies' need to know, understand and deal with new threats to privacy and IT security by supporting companies in their choice of the most appropriate protections, making them aware of the importance of monitoring and controlling activities and showing them the techniques and technologies to support adoptable Information Security.



The meetings planned for 2019 edition of the Observatory are:

  • 4 closed doors workshops with representatives from user and offer companies aiming to promote debate and share experiences on Information Secruity and Data Protection;
  • 1 meeting reserved for the Advisory Board and main offer-side representatives aimed at promoting the debate and comparison on the topics to be examined in depth throughout the year;
  • A Work program structured in a set of meetings aimed at vertically investigating contract clauses regarding security and continuity of third party delivered IT services.
  • A closing Conference to present the final results of the Research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the business world and supply representatives of Information Security solutions and services.


The activities planned for 2019 edition of the Observatory are

  • a survey extended to Italian companies involved in all product sectors for CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), CSO (Chief Security Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), Compliance Manager, Risk Manager, Chief Risk Officer e DPO (Data Protection Officer);
  • conduct an international survey to monitor the state of the art of Information Security and Privacy technologies and strategies;
  • case studies on companies that have implemented solutions in the field of information security and privacy policies, as a way to highlight best practice;
  • conduct a survey to identify main national and international players in Information Security solutions;
  • survey major national and international players of Analytics solutions;
  • the development of frames and methods supporting companies in the roadmap towards a Data Driven Enterprise;
  • a survey of international and domestic startups operating in the area of Analytics that have received funding in the last two years from institutional investors
  • analysis of the main international and domestic start-ups operating in the area of information security & privacy, which have acquired funding in the last two years, carried out in collaboration with the Observatory for Digital Start-ups and PoliHub.


The Observatory will create the following contents:

  • a paper based Report with the Observatory’s main Research results to be distributed at the Conference;
  • a set of digital Reports on the themes examined throughout the year of research;
  • a bi/monthly Press Review for community companies and sponsors collecting all the most relevant Information Security & Privacy news of the Italian and International scenario.



The Observatory proposes to:

  • estimate the Italian Information Security market;
  • undestand the potential impact of EU regulation on data protection and on new professions;
  • identify information security and privacy trends and the relationship with digital innovation;
  • identify roles and competences involved in managing information security and ways of managing the human factor;
  • analyze ways of managing cyber risk;
  • monitor the stage of adoption of information security and company privacy systems;
  • study the impact on big, medium and small companies; 
  • identify the success stories.


The research of the Information Security & Privacy Observatory will be based upon empirical analysis, with surveys and study cases that involve CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), CSO (Chief Security Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), CRO (Chief Risk Officer), Risk Manager, Compliance Manager e DPO (Data Protection Officer) from Italian companies operating in various product sectors.


The Advisory Board. To foster ongoing debate and drive research towards trends holding greater value for companies the Observatory established a small steering group involving high profile professional figures from the large organizations within key trade sectors.

Advisory Board members of the 2019 edition are:

  • Massimo Cottafavi (Information & Cyber Security Manager, Snam);
  • Mirco Destro (Group CIO, AFV Acciaierie Beltrame S.P.A.);
  • Elisa Garavaglia (Security Governance, Associazioni Generali);
  • Paolo Grigoletto (Information & Privacy Security, Infocamere);
  • Sergio Mattioli (Information Security & Data Privacy Director, Robert Bosch);
  • Vinicio Mazzei (Privacy Officer and IT Risk, Security & Compliance Manager, Saipem);
  • Giuseppe Morimondi (Head of ITO Infrastructure & Information Security Officer, Bayer);
  • Riccardo Roncon (CISO, Gruppo ITAS Assicurazioni);
  • Corrado Salvemini (Head of Information Security, Carrefour Italia);
  • Daniele Sangion /Head of Group ICT Security for GDPR, Unicredit);
  • Giampaolo Tacchini (CISO Group and Head of Software Quality, Edison Energia);
  • Enrico Luigi Toso (IT Regulatory Risk & Control Specialist, Deutsche Bank).


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