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The Industry 4.0 Observatory is a point of reference in Italy for managers and decision-makers with a need to thoroughly understand digital innovations (processes, infrastructure, applications, HW and SW) that are, transforming the manufacturing sector, codifying and making knowledge more accessible, and creating an Italian community that is active and open to comparison with international practices. Industry 4.0 will become the manufacturing model of the future: with the help of innovative digital technologies – Smart Technologies – manufacturing companies will enhance interconnection and cooperation abilities among resources (physical assets, people, and information both within the factory as well as distributed across the value chain), which will dramatically change their efficiency and competitiveness.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field research to analyse the main advancements made in the market, and Industry 4.0 related legal aspects and technologies;
  • two internal workshops with Observatory Partners and Sponsors aimed at sharing intermediate results and address Research activities;
  • four themed workshops dedicated to the initiative Partner and Sponsor community and members of Advisory Board contractor companies, to discuss and share Research progress on specific topics (to be defined) of the 4.0 sector such as Industrial Internet of Things, Industrial Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Operations Tecnologies;
  • several round table discussions to create networking opportunities for the major players of this market, and to share experiences;
  • attendance (prior registration) in a premium workshop with insights on Industry 4.0 vertical sectors that are particularly relevant for the community;
  • a public presentation of the results of the Research activity with round tables and comments of the main players in the world of Industry 4.0;


Within the scope of our research, the Observatory will:

  • analyse digital innovation advancements that affect processes of the operations' world, at national and international level in terms of technologies, application environments and national policies;
  • monitor how widespread the Industry 4.0 theme is in Italy, as regards both knowledge and applications;
  • estimate the spread and value of the Industry 4.0 market in Italy, in addition to providing an overview of the digital maturity status reached by Italian companies;
  • investigate the world of Italian and international start-ups to understand related dynamics and business models;
  • analyse the application and technological frameworks for Industrial IoT in Italy, closely examining the most representative success stories;
  • investigate how widespread the «Manufacturing Business App» topic is among industrial companies;
  • look into the impact of 5G networks in the industrial sector, explore how much companies really know about the topic and its potential for the evolution of Industry 4.0;
  • analyse the current status of Artificial Intelligence solutions for industrial companies;
  • update the status of the three Smart Technologies categorized as OT: Advanced HMI, Advanced Automation, and Additive Manufacturing
  • analyse the evolution of the maintenance system enabled by Industry 4.0;
  • analyse the SMB world in Italy and identify the main process features required to adopt the solutions and approaches proposed in Industry 4.0;
  • look into the 4.0 jobs&skills issue and the evolution of the HR role within the company as regards its involvement in 4.0 projects;
  • evaluate the impact of Industry 4.0 on the company organization structure and identify the most effective actions to undertake to fully appreciate the benefits of Industry 4.0;
  • examine the evolution of skills in 4.0 projects.

The Observatory Research is based on an empirical analysis that through surveys and case studies, every year involves over 1000 players, including IT Managers, Digital and Innovation Managers, Business line, Company, and Public Sector Analytics and Executive Managers operating in Italy, and representatives of organizations operating in offer side companies.


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For more information on how to collaborate with and support Smart Manufacturing Observatory Research, please contact Elisa Convertini (email: elisa.convertini@polimi.it).