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The E-Government Observatory is now in its seventh year. The Observatory intends to act as a meeting point and debating centre for all public and private sector bodies that wish to be involved in the process of updating the Italian public sector. An essential feature of this process is to help local government understand the evolution in e-government taking place in this domain, identifying the main aspects that relate to governance, management and technological aspects.


Research conducted by the eGovernment Observatory focuses on advocacy and capacity building activities dedicated to the Italian Public Sector with specific attention to Local Government entity requirements. This Methodological approach that combines quantitative and qualitative analyses enables the Observatory to develop descriptive and assessment analysis models and generate immediately applicable recommendations.

In 2019 the Observatory operates in two separate fields of research: payments to the Public Sector; open data, specifically OGD (open government data).


The Observatory’s work is structured in the following activities:

  • Draw-up and deliver surveys addressed to executives and managers of the Central, Regional and Local Public Sector to collect qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Conduct and benchmark relevant cases through direct interviews with the players involved in managing Local Gov. Entities or own in-house companies, and by collecting internal data and information;
  • Develop and optimize descriptive and analytical models by integrating collected results with those reached through scientific literature and academic debate;
  • Draft and publish verticals dedicated to each field of research;
  • Events dedicated to disseminating research results and opening the debate with main players of the themes under scrutiny, heading both public and private organizations;
  • Communication and dissemination of results achieved through mainstream and sector specific media.


Throughout 2019 the eGovernment Observatory is active on the following themes:


The Digital Process for Paying Public Authorities: in keeping with 2018 findings and the coming into force of the obligation to exclusively use the pagoPA payment Node as of December 31 2019, research is focused on documenting the actual compliance of Local Public Sector Entities and on identifying the dynamics that determine how quickly or slowly, and effectively local Entities comply to the regulations.


Open Government Data: analyse the level of maturity for open data in the context of local public authorities, identify and measure the impact on the territory, verify the role of Regions, Metropolitan Cities, and Municipal capitals, with the aim, in addition to others, of drawing up an OGD publication sustainability model.


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the E-government Observatory, please contact Michele Benedetti (email: michele.benedetti@polimi.it) and/or Laura Vergani (email: laura1.vergani@polimi.it).