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The Digital Innovation in Heritage & Culture Observatory is formed with the following aims: to introduce into the Italian cultural ecosystem a systematic vision – which is currently lacking – of digital innovation applied to the conservation, enhancement, management, promotion, commercialisation and use of national heritage and products in the arts and culture market, to enable an upgrade of the cultural ecosystem; to facilitate interaction between demand-side and supply-side players; and to spread the culture of digital innovation and chart the sector’s evolutionary direction.


The Observatory’s activities include:

  • research aimed at analysing the adoption processes, usage and impact of digital technologies in the arts and cultural heritage sector, along with possible trends for future development, particularly in the museum sector, which for the first edition will be considered typical of the circumstances and relationships within the sector as a whole;
  • three workshops with the Observatory’s supporter community, which will examine and discuss the evolutionary strands that are emerging, despite some resistance, and the opportunities facing operators in the arts and culture sector;
  • a wrap-up conference, open to the public, for presenting the research results.


For its research, the Observatory intends to examine the usage and influence of digital technologies in the arts and culture sector from three analytical perspectives: internal processes, marketing and the user experience. In particular, four areas of research are planned:

  • mapping out the digital technologies applied/applicable to the world of the arts and culture;
  • analysis of their distribution within the Italian context, particularly in the museum sector;
  • assessment of technology’s capacity to generate value and its adoption by cultural institutions;
  • analysis of the role of technology start-ups at national and international levels.


The research will involve analysis of secondary sources, case studies, focus groups, interviews with experts and a survey of Italian museums, monuments and archaeological sites.

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