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The Digital Innovation in Heritage & Culture Observatory is formed with the aim of supporting the digital innovation adoption process within cultural institutions and as a place where different players of the cultural ecosystem can meet. The Observatory aims at becoming for the Italian cultural ecosystem a place to:
- Provide a systemic view of digital innovation applied to the processes of conservation, enhancement, management, promotion, marketing and use of heritage, products and services in the art and culture market, to facilitate the upgrading of the cultural ecosystem;
- Monitor digital trends in this sector;
- Facilitate the alignment between innovation demand and offer through round tables on specific themes;
- Raise awareness of players and decision makers toward sustainable digital transformation.



The Observatory’s activities include:

  • research aimed at analysing the adoption processes, usage and impact of digital technologies in the arts and cultural heritage sector, mainly in the museum sector;
  • two interactive workshops to share and compare views on introducing and designing technology solutions relating to four case histories of cultural institutes selected within the Community;
  • a wrap-up conference, open to the public, for presenting the research results;
  • the drawing up of a final Report with the main results of the Research distributed both in paper and electronic form;
  • the drawing up of detailed Reports with the complete results of the Research distributed in electronic form;
  • stable presence in general and sector media and in public events to promote the dissemination of research results and stimulate change.


In line with previous editions, the Observatory intends to confirm itself as a reliable source of data on digital innovation in the cultural sector, continuing its collection and analysis activity to improve knowledge of the reference market.

Three areas of research are planned:

  • analysis of sector digital trends in terms of status of digital resources: analysis of the state of adoption and spread of digital resources within cultural institutions to understand the market status and trends;
  • web presence analysis (sites, social media etc.) of Italian cultural institutions and ability to involve users;
  • digital transformation case studies within cultural institutions.

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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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