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The work of the Digital Agenda Observatory is geared towards providing help to decision-makers in the form of interpretive models and tools based upon sound evidence and to create an area for debate. Digital innovation is the opportunity to revisit several major topics that affect competitiveness in Italy (efficiency of the public sector, fight against tax evasion, support to development, etc.). As an independent, long-term and stable «place» of expertise, the Observatory provides the ground for establishing dialogue between the world of digital innovation and that of policies, governance and public administration.


The Observatory’s work consists of:


  • field research involving key contacts in the world of companies and public authorities;
  • four in-depth Workshop reserved exclusively to Observatory Partners, PS and private sector, Observatory Advisory Board relevant interlocutors, Key Political, Government, central and local PS representatives;
  • one public convention to present the findings of the research, with round table sessions and talks given by leading authorities from the public sector and the business world, to examine real situations of innovation and present our “Digital Agenda Awards”
  • intense media communication of the outcome of our research.

Digital Agenda Awards


In order to encourage and circulate good practice in innovation, for the fifth year running, the Digital Agenda Observatory is sponsoring an initiative entitled  “Digital Agenda Awards” to support a culture of innovation in Italy and thereby generate a virtuous circle for sharing best practice and excellency.

Companies and public authorities that have been able to improve their business through digital technology will receive a prize awarded at the convention on the day when research findings are presented.


In a still unstable political context the Observatory aims at being a stable, unbiased point of reference capable of bringing the point of view of all these stakeholders to the political world’s attention and highlight the importance of digital development for the entire Country system. The ultimate goal is to try giving indications to the new government in order that all the efforts made over the years are not nullified.


With the 2019 Research the Observatory is focused on studying and exploring the following matters:


    • Delivery: in line with research conducted in previous years, the stream aims at completing the monitoring performed by DESI with a model that will help to identify action priorities. Research will focus on fine-tuning an extensive framework of indicators and benchmarking with other European Countries to identify what priorities should be pursued to improve Italy’s level of digitalization. Monitoring will also look at implementation, and at regional level with Regional DESI fine-tuning. The implementation of the three-year Plan and the financial resources available for the new schedule framework will also be investigated.
    • Innovation: to understand digital innovations that in the near future may characterize the Italian PS and generate strategic insights for institutional players, the PS, and the solution portfolio system on how to leverage the most explosive digital innovations, a census of the startup ecosystem working with the PS, of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence application solutions in the public sector will be initiated, in addition to monitoring the spread of Smart Working initiatives in Italy and abroad.
    • Switch-off: the stream focuses on understanding how to implement effective switch-off strategies (from analog to digital) in delivering public services to citizens. A survey of Italian Municipalities is planned, aiming to photograph the level of digitalization of their front-office and back-office processes, analyze the local governments’ interaction dynamics with the territory, and evaluate the level of progress with respect to initiatives laid out in the Three-year Plan. Case studies will also be conducted to understand the key variables to consider and estimate the benefits achieved by effective switch-off initiatives and the support provided by Regions and Provinces.
    • Procurement: this line of Research aims to critically evaluate the adequacy of the digital innovation offering system targeted to Italian PS authorities to provide indications on how to effectively set-up public procurement processes in order to accelerate and not slow-down the implementation of the Digital Agenda. In plan is the categorization of the various business offering digital solutions, the analysis of Consip Digital Agenda tenders, of public digital solution bids, and the transposition of public agreement Code implementation measures and digital solutions in the PS demand and offer interaction scenarios.



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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Digital Agenda Observatory, please contact Luca Gastaldi (email:luca.gastaldi@polimi.it).