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The Cloud Transformation Observatory was established with the intention of analysing and explaining what is meant by the Cloud, together with estimating both size and trends and illustrating the progress made by IT towards the Cloud. Alongside this, the enabling architectures are described, with the impact of the Cloud on company business and ICT supply chain models. The final aim is to show that Cloud can provide answers to help in the process of bringing innovation to companies and relaunching Italy as a whole. The Observatory will work alongside CIOs and business line executives work on advancements to the management and development of ICT applications and infrastructure, which are the consequence of the spreading of new models for the ICT offer. It will also act as a point of reference for developing a culture of innovation within the ICT offer, promoting interaction and the creation of a community involving both supply and demand for ICT technology.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • carrying out two surveys extended to large companies and SMEs operating in all product sectors in Italy;
  • preparing a number of study cases on companies that have implemented solutions in the field of Cloud & ICT as a Service, to highlight the main business benefits of such a decision;
  • developing framework and methodology for companies implementing a roadmap for Cloud and Digital Transformation;
  • meeting and interviewing the main players in the Cloud market in Italy;
  • polling the players operating in the Italian Cloud market and analyse the services they offer;
  • writing a report containing the main results of the Observatory’s research;
  • organising closed-door workshops with players representing both demand and offer;
  • organising local workshops open to the public;
  • organising a convention to present the main findings of our research, with round table sessions and presentations given by major players from the world of companies and representatives of the offer for Cloud & ICT as a Service.


Among its objectives, the  Cloud Transformation Observatory intends to:

  • estimate the value of the Cloud market in Italy;
  • analyse Cloud projects;
  • encourage companies to adopt the Cloud nation-wide, especially SMEs, by providing practical tools and models;
  • identify the progress of IT towards the Cloud, and study the Cloud enabling architecture models;
  • analyse the impact of Cloud on companies’ businesses and the way IT management roles have changed, with new skills emerging;
  • monitor the evolution of ICT chain models;
  • understand the impact of the Cloud on the role of the IT department and new competences required;
  • analyse the current status and evolution trends of the Cloud offer-side market  focusing particularly on the impact that new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are having on their business model
  • survey the offer of Cloud services in Italy, observing the relative clustering;


Research at the  Cloud Transformation Observatory is based upon an empirical study with the use of study cases and involving, every year, over 1000 demand-side companies, from CIOs of major Italian businesses to IT managers in SMEs.


Our analysis on how the offer chain is evolving is based on meetings and interviews with the most influential players in the market. This analysis is complemented by surveys on the new players in the Cloud chain, among whom are Cloud service brokers and start-ups, actively involved in the international market, to extrapolate their defining functions and activity.


Finally, a major aim in the research is to make use of focused studies and workshop cycle for the purpose of testing and consolidating the frameworks and methodologies that can be used by companies during the delicate process of migrating to Cloud-based IT systems. Alongside this objective is that of recognising which methods are used in which fields, both in terms of infrastructure and application, and which of these are best suited to Cloud-based solutions. The Cloud Journey, Cloud Agenda and Cloud Project Framework are some such models produced in recent years.



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