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Now in its tenth edition, the Cloud Transformation Observatory is focused on developing and spreading knowledge to support companies in leveraging the opportunities of the Cloud, the acknowledged enabler of digital transformation.
For the introduction of innovation within businesses and process digitization the Cloud stands out as the model for utilizing technologies enabling to cut costs and reduce time-to-market, making Information Technology ready to respond to business requirements and the rapid changes of the external environment. This makes leveraging the opportunities provided by emerging trends such as Machine Learning, Analytics, and IoT possible for companies, and also capable of managing the entire IT base in a more Agile way. The Observatory aims to analyse available technology tools and understand adoption courses, innovation opportunities, and the impact on the IT system and overall IT management as, for example, of adopting work methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. The goal is to become the point of cultural reference on this topic and foster the development of a community and the meeting of demand and offer of technologies.


The meetings planned by the Observatory for the 2020 edition are the following:

  • three Cloud Summits – themed events with CIOs and Executives from the leading companies operating in Italy. The 2020 Cloud Summits will follow-up on the following topics:
    • Emerging Cloud Transformation trends in 2020;
    • DevOps, DevSecOps and IT agility;
    • Lock in, and Hybrid & Multi Cloud.
  • An Executive Lab, that is a meeting between Advisory Board members and some players of the ICT supply chain, to brainstorm and debate on Change Management for the Cloud aiming to pool best practices. The Advisory Board is a steering group for Observatory activities consisting of C-levels and managers of major organizations operating in Italy.
  • Two Cloud Talks – meetings dedicated to offer-side companies focused on discussing go-to-market strategies, understand and steer Cloud market dynamics. The 2020 Cloud Talks will focus on the following topics:
    • Emerging ICT supply chain trends in 2020;
    • 2020 digital supply chain: startups and first evidence
  • The Conference to present final Research findings with round tables and addresses from the lead roles of Cloud offer user companies. Each year the event is attended by over 400 participants. Cloud Summits, Cloud Talks, and the Executive Lab are closed door events reserved exclusively to Research supporters and a select number of user companies. For detailed program information and on registration possibilities please email luca.dozio@polimi.it/ marina.natalucci@polimi.it/ martina.broggi@osservatori.net.


Activities planned as part of the 2020 Research are:

  • Develop a survey extended to large companies and SMBs operating in all product sectors in Italy;
  • Draft multiple case studies on Cloud Transformation initiatives;
  • Develop a framework and methodologies to support companies in the roadmap towards the Cloud and Digital Transformation;
  • Conduct direct interviews with the main players of the Cloud market in Italy;
  • Analyse available services, main trends, and the evolution of technology in the Cloud market;
  • Draft a report with main Observatory research results.


Among its objectives, the  Cloud Transformation Observatory intends to:

  • Estimate the value of the Cloud market in Italy;
  • Analyse the role of the Cloud as enabler of the digital transformation and of main innovative technology trends such as Analytics, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Understand Cloud adoption courses within the company and the impact of this paradigm on the Information System, with particular focus on Cloud Migration strategies and on Hybrid and Multi Cloud;
  • Analyse the Lock in topic and its impact on Cloud choices;
  • Understand the transformation of work methodology to Agile and DevOps and how they integrate in a secure application development framework;
  • understand the impact of the Cloud on the role of the IT department and new competences required;
  • Analyse the state of adoption of the Cloud within Italian PMIs;
  • Analyse the current status and evolution trends of the Cloud offer-side market focusing particularly on the impact that new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are having on the business model;
  • Outline the supply chain evolution of Cloud solution offerings.


Research at the Cloud Transformation Observatory is based upon an empirical study with the use of study cases and involving, every year, over 1000 demand-side companies, from CIOs of major Italian businesses to IT managers in SMBs and over 350 companies operating in the Cloud solution market.


Lastly, through targeted studies and a cycle of workshops, Research aims to test and consolidate frameworks and methodologies enabling to support companies in the delicate process of migrating information systems to the Cloud.



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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the  Cloud Transformation Observatory, contact Dr. Alessandro Piva (email: alessandro.piva@polimi.it).