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At its fifth edition, the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory goal is proving the strategic value of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics methodologies to companies and public authorities, highlighting the potential advantages for competitiveness, profitability, agility and greater decision-making efficiency. In particular, the Observatory is focused on becoming a permanent reference point for decision makers to enable them to profit from the innovative potential of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • conducting a survey across Italian companies in all industry sectors involving over 800 players including CIOs and Analytics managers (CMOs);
  • putting together numerous case studies of companies that have implemented Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions, to highlight the main business benefits reaped;
  • survey major national and international players of Analytics solutions;
  • run ‘closed doors’ workshops with representatives of supply and demand as well as of theme based workshops aimed at promoting discussions and debate on Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence among companies operating in related sectors;
  • organize a conference to present the final results of the Research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the business world and supply representatives of Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence systems.
  • writing a paper based Report containing the main results of the Observatory’s research;
  • author a series of electronic reports on the themes examined in depth through the year of research;
  • issue a bimonthly press review for companies within the community that collects the most relevant facts of the international and Italian Big Data Analytics scenario.

The Observatory will also conduct:

  • an initiative entitled Innovation Award that encourages innovation in the Big Data sector, acknowledging the most outstanding companies in the introduction of Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence systems to support strategic decisions;
  • a survey of international and domestic startups operating in the area of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence that have received funding in the last two years from institutional investors, carried out in collaboration with the Startup Intelligence and PoliHub Observatory.


With this Research the Observatory aims to:

  • estimate the Analytics market value:
  • estimate the current spread of Big Data & Business Intelligence solutions
  • analyse the main organization models adopted in Big Data management;
  • evaluate the spread and evolution of competences required for Data Science management;
  • identify models and technologies for project development in various areas and application sectors;
  • examine applications in specific sectors and business processes, identifying success stories;
  • analyse organizations’ positioning with a “big Data Journey” (also developed by the Observatory) that identifies tracks and steps for the mature adoption of Big Data & BI solutions;
  • understand the role performed by startups in this sector.

The Observatory Research is based upon an empirical analysis that through surveys and case studies involves over 800 players each year, including chief information officers (CIOs), Digital and Innovation managers, heads of Analytics, and business line Executives of companies and Public Sector authorities operating in Italy, and designated people from companies operating in the supply network.


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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory, contact Dr. Alessandro Piva (email: alessandro.piva@polimi.it).