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At its seventh edition, the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory goal is proving the strategic value of Analytics methodologies to companies and public authorities, highlighting the potential advantages for competitiveness, profitability, agility and greater decision-making efficiency. In particular, the Observatory is focused on becoming a permanent reference point for decision makers to enable them to profit from the innovative potential of Big Data Analytics.


The meetings planned for 2019 edition of the Observatory are:

    • Four closed doors workshops with supply and user company representatives aiming to promote the debate and compare experiences on Big Data Analytics. 2018 meetings will look into the following topics:
      • how to spread the data and Analytics culture within the organization;
      • technology trends and challenges of Data Management & Analytics;
      • how to implement Advanced Analytics projects: from data governance to measuring value;
      • the role of NLP and Computer Vision in increasing process efficiency.
    • Two meetings reserved for the Advisory Board and main representatives of offer companies, aimed at addressing activities, promote debates on themes that will be examined in depth throughout the year, and validate Research results;
    • A Conference to present the final results of the Research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the business world and supply representatives of Analytics systems.


The activities planned for 2019 edition of the Observatory are

      • a survey extended to small and large Italian companies in all market sectors involving over 1000 players including heads of IT (CIO) and roles responsible for Analytics;
      • numerous case studies of companies that have implemented Analytics solutions, to highlight the main business benefits reaped;
      • a census of main national and international Data Providers;
      • the development of frames and methods supporting companies in the roadmap towards a Data Driven Enterprise;
      • a survey of international and domestic startups operating in the area of Analytics that have received funding in the last two years from institutional investors.


The Observatory will produce the following contents:

      • a paper based Report containing the main results of the Observatory’s research to deliver during the Conference;
      • a series of digital reports on the themes examined in depth through the year of research;
      • a fortnightly Press Review for community sponsors and companies collecting the most relevant Big Data Analytics news in the international and Italian scenario.




Within the 2020 Research the Observatory aims to portray and include the status of Analytics in Italy. In particular it seeks to:

  • quantify and analyse the Analytics market in Italy, identifying current trends;
  • investigate Analytics applications in various sectors and processes;
  • understand main technology evolutions in Analytics;
  • evaluate the spread and evolution of competences required for Data Science management;
  • understand the role performed by startups in this sector.

The Observatory Research is based upon an empirical analysis that through surveys and case studies involves over 1000 players each year, including chief information officers (CIOs), Digital and Innovation managers, heads of Analytics, and business line Executives of companies and Public Sector authorities operating in Italy, and designated people from companies operating in the supply network.


The Advisory Board: In order to foster ongoing debate and address Research towards trends that have greatest value for companies, The Observatory has put together a select group of relevant Data Science professionals from large organizations representing the major industry sectors.

Advisory Board members of the 2019 edition are:

  • Davide Cervellin (Director of Analytics, Paypal);
  • Alessandra Chiuderi (Group Head of Analytics, Generali);
  • Michele Cicoli (Chief Data Officer, BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas);
  • Fabio Colombo (Head of Data, Analytics & Advertising Technology, RCS MediaGroup);
  • Luigi Lauro (Head of Financial Risks Front End Applications, Unicredit);
  • Vincenzo Manzoni (Head of Data Science, Tenaris);
  • Ivan Pavesio (Head of SPE System, Gruppo Ferrero);
  • Alberto Rossi (Global Head of Data Intelligence, Shell);
  • Carlo Torniai (Head of Data Science and Analytics, Pirelli).


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory, contact Dr. Alessandro Piva (email: alessandro.piva@polimi.it).