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The B2c eCommerce Observatory aims to create and spread knowledge on the opportunities and impact that B2c eCommerce produces on companies and the Country system, through research based on solid empirical evidence, and independent areas for discussion.
The goal of Research is to support sector players in understanding current dynamics and defining strategies to preside over online channels. In terms of communication, the Observatory aims to create culture and spread knowledge on the current and evolutionary status of B2c eCommerce in Italy and on the impact generated on companies and the Country system, sparking awareness in decision makers. To this regard, the collaboration with Netcomm, the Italian electronic commerce consortium grouping a large number of eCommerce operators active in our Country, continues.


The Observatory's planned actions for 2019 are:

  • A field research involving the top 350 Italian e-commerce sites through personal interviews and surveys.
  • Multiple meeting and discussion:
    • a Research setup meeting with Partners and Sponsors;
    • an Event by invite dedicated to Partners, Sponsors, demand players (merchant eCommerce, retailers, manufacturers), to examine B2c eCommerce in Food & Grocery in depth;
    • an Event by invite dedicated to Partners, Sponsors, demand players (merchant eCommerce, retailer, manufacturers), to examine B2c eCommerce in Fashion & Design in depth.
  • A public Research result presentation Conference with round tables and talks delivered by the leading players of the B2c eCommerce world.
  • A printed Report containing the main results of the 2019 Research that will be handed out at the conference.
  • Some online Reports for a more in-depth look at the themes addressed in the 2019 Research.
  • A weekly Press release for Partners and Sponsors and the merchant community collecting the most relevant news at national and international level.


Research is divided in the following three macro-areas:

  • Quantification of the B2c eCommerce Market in Italy through an accurate analysis of demand and offer, detailed by sector.
  • In depth look at the value chain and key success factors of B2c eCommerce:
    • analysis tools and traffic generation channels and categorization of main B2c eCommerce platforms;
    • estimate of the use of traditional payment systems and analysis of “new and innovative” tools that can promote the development of B2c eCommerce in Italy;
    • study of distributive logistics solutions for B2c eCommerce and of main value added services for the delivery stage
  • Study of the impact (economic, social, and environmental) generated by eCommerce at company and Country system level.
  • Analysis of main innovation drivers, with particular attention to startups and international markets.


The Observatory’s research is based upon an empirical analysis with surveys and case studies that involve the top 350 B2C e-commerce operators, covering over 95% of the market.


Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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Partners and Sponsors

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the 2BC E-Commerce Observatory, contact Samuele Fraternali (email: samuele.fraternali@polimi.it) and Denise Ronconi (email: denise.ronconi@polimi.it).