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The Artificial Intelligence Observatory was established in 2017 to respond to the growing interest of public and private companies on the potential offered by new Artificial Intelligence enabling technologies. The goal is to create a Community to compare and investigate AI opportunities, in a context characterized by lack of clarity on the state of the art of applications and adoption by companies, on the enabling benefits and the evolution expected by the market, combining managerial and technologic perspectives by merging the experience of the Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Department, and the Electronics, Information and Bioengineering Department.

The Observatory is supported by AIxIA, Associazione Italiana per l’Intelligenza Artificiale (Italian Artificial Intelligence Association).


Activities planned by the observatory for 2018/2019 are::

  • 4 interactive Research progress workshops
    Only for supporters, to provide thematic insights, with the involvement of sector experts, and external reports of interest. The topics will cover: research approach, offer analysis, impact on employment, process orchestration/robotic process automation, market estimate, technology model. Main Artificial Intelligence solutions will also be examined more closely: virtual assistant/chatbot, autonomous robot, autonomous vehicle, intelligent object, recommendation, natural language processing, image recognition, intelligent data processing.
  • 3 technical workshops
    Dedicated to supporters, they introduce techniques and show some usage applications. The workshops introduce the techniques’ application scenario, the practical and scientific issues to be solved and the main techniques and how they are used. The topics concern: Online learning: advertising, pricing, recommendation systems; Deep learning: vision, classification, dimensional reduction, sequential decision making issues; Model prediction: predictive maintenance, fraud detection, start object and smart IoT.
  • 1 public conference
    Research activities and results are presented, with round table discussions and keynotes by the leading players of the Artificial Intelligence world.


With the 2018/2019 Research, the Observatory aims to:

  • identify main directions and expenditure dynamics of Italian enterprise companies and estimate their overall expense;
  • estimate the level of maturity of Italian enterprise companies through mapping and with an extensive survey conducted on user companies;
  • collect Artificial Intelligence adoption cases at national and international level, with the goal of acknowledging the value of the most successful initiatives;
  • analyze main enabling technologies;
  • identify main trends and examine solution categories in depth;
  • map main Offer players (Big Players, System Integrators, Software houses, Startups, etc. …) of solutions available on the market and main Research and Development Centers at national and international level;
  • examine in depth main Artificial Intelligence techniques to master for the development of application solutions;
  • analyze major change drivers characterizing the technologic and administrative course required to incorporate and make opportunities provided by AI (AI Journey) profitable and sustainable within the organization;
  • examine in detail what the main legal implications of Artificial Intelligence are (intellectual property, liability, GDPR compliance, service levels and business continuity);
  • analyze and examine in detail the implication that AI can have on employment;
  • discuss ethical implications of some AI solutions.


Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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If you would like to find out more about getting involved, collaborating and/or supporting the research of the Artificial Intelligence Observatory, please contact Alessandro Piva(email: alessandro.piva@polimi.it).