An ever more Mobile customer journey: ready for the next level?


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Over 31 million Italians over 18 access the Internet monthly in mobile mode and, of these, over one third uses only mobile devices. 42% of Mobile Surfers makes also purchases through the Smartphone, bringing the weight of Mobile Commerce over total in 2017 to 25% (with a 65% growth over the previous year). The growth of investments in Advertising on Smartphone by Businesses is also in the double digit range (+49%) with over one billion euros. These numbers bear witness to the transformations taking place in the relationship between consumers and companies. And the companies did not just stand idly by: only one out of twenty five among the leaders in terms of highest income, doesn’t yet have a a site optimized for mobile viewing, and no less than nine out of ten have developed at least one Mobile Application to provide services to their customers.

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