Managing Cloud projects and the impact on IT management


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  • Date April 26, 2017
  • Observatory Cloud Transformation
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 24
  • Function Human Resources/Administration Information Systems
  • Type Practical Roadmap

Responds to...

  • What departments are included in companies’ "Cloud Agenda"?
  • How are Cloud projects to be managed and what is the difference from traditional IT?
  • What are the particular characteristics of a Cloud project?
  • What are the main critical aspects that companies must face in the Cloud introduction process?
  • What changes are taking place within IT Management to be able to effectively handle Cloud projects?
  • What competences must be acquired to promote the success of Cloud initiatives?
  • What is bimodal IT and what are its characteristics?


The report, through the Cloud Project Framework methodology, identifies the important variables that are triggered when shifting to as a Service information model from a traditional one and the issues encountered, focusing particularly on role and competence transformations within IT Management compared to LoBs and in the relationship established with suppliers.


  1. The Cloud phenomenon in Italy and fields of interest
  2. The Cloud Project Framework
  3. Cloud project management
  4. Acquiring new competences
  5. The evolution of IT Management
  6. Bimodal IT