Lawyers, Accountants and Labour Consoultants: which office for the future?


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  • Date April 30, 2015
  • Observatory Professionals & Digital Innovation
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 22
  • Function Marketing/Communications Human Resources/Administration
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How the market of Lawyers, Accountants and labor consultants is composed?
  • What is the choice between traditional business and new business?
  • Which technologies and new services will be the focus?
  • What is the choice between traditional business and new business?
  • What are the real professional vanguard?
  • What will be the profile of a standing-out Professional?
  • Can training on ICT enable new market opportunities?


Digital technology has so far failed to impose itself on a large scale. Of the budget allocated to ICT, which differs on average from one category to the next, only about 25% is used on truly innovative projects. The avant-garde elements, which started investing in digital technology ahead of others, will be interested in solutions that can ensure higher levels of service, internally and externally. Those following do not always invest in clearly-defined projects. Organisations still favour a type of control based on “feelings” rather than a more structured kind. The need to use several management tools for governance purposes in the study is, however, emerging. Education on technological matters is considered with interest by over 43% of the sample, especially if the resulting skills are useful for performing typical or innovative services within a given profession. We are concerned about the number of those who are ignorant of the matter (43%) and do not understand how digital technology can generate value ...


  1. The "in-house lawyer" profession:dimensions and characteristics
  2. The economic and financial performance, the reporting of management and control analysis
  3. "Focus" on some technologies
  4. Size of investments and "technological training"
  5. New skills for a renewed profession