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Internet of Things for the Smart City: state of the art and strategies to overcome Implementation Barriers


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  • Date April 15, 2016
  • Observatory Internet of Things
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 39
  • Function Information Systems
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What is the current situation of Smart City projects in Italy? What is particular about the Italian towns and cities that are running these projects?
  • What place does the Internet of Things have in Smart City projects?
  • What are the most interesting projects in Italy and abroad? What aspects define them?
  • What are the main factors for starting a Smart City project?
  • Which are the main barriers that still hinder wide-reaching Smart City projects in Italy? How can these be overcome?
  • From Smart Metering to the Smart City: how are multi-services pilot tests progressing? Can we expect any new rules and regulations on the horizon?


Digital technology can play a key role in the process of transforming cities into Smart Cities. One such model, the Internet of Things, is gaining a commanding position in a wide and varied cross-section of fields that range from traffic management, public transport and waste collection to safety, smart lighting, land monitoring services and entertainment & tourist services. IoT projects have been launched in 60% of Italian towns with over 20,000 inhabitants, but towns in Italy (as elsewhere) are still far from being truly “smart”. Initiatives are often still at the experimental stage and are not included in programmes to improve quality of life in our cities, their sustainability or even their economic dynamism. In this report, we will provide an overview of the main Smart City projects in Italy and outline the primary directions of progress. We will analyse the barriers that hinder initiatives of this kind from being adopted and try to show how these can be conquered. We will examine the synergy between these programmes and projects for the new connected gas meters (Smart Metering).


  1. Smart City: the potential of the Internet of Things
  2. Italian towns have their say: projects past and present
  3. How to overcome existing barriers? The key word is “synergy”