Internet Media: market scenario, current dynamics and opportunities for Media Companies


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  • Date July 28, 2016
  • Observatory Internet Media
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 16
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What is the Internet Media market’s worth in Italy?
  • What Internet Advertising components register the highest growth?
  • What does the paid Media Internet market consist of?
  • What opportunities are available to the Media world?


The report outlines the dynamics of the Italian Media market, highlighting the relative weight of each media. In particular, it focuses on the Internet Media market, illustrating current phenomena and main trends linked to both advertising and Pay revenue (online news purchases, streaming Video and music subscriptions). Finally, the report analyses primary development directions taken by Media Companies at international level to compete against powerful Over The Top.


  1. The Media market in Italy: the dynamics of different media
  2. Internet Advertising: current dynamics
  3. Internet Media: the pay market
  4. Opportunities for Media Companies