Internet Media: it's time to measure up!


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Internet Media grew by 11%, an area consisting of online advertising and expenditure by customers on media content for PC, smartphone, tablet and smart connected TV. The advertising segment makes up the greatest part, accounting for 94% of this market.
Internet underlines its position as the second advertising channel in Italy, with a value close to 2.4 billion euros and market share of 30%, behind the 50% share for TV. The growth of the market in 2016 came from videos, with a turnover abundantly above 500 million and a share up by 41% on 2015. We expect the growth to continue in 2017 at around 35%. The online advertising market is increasingly concentrated. The Over-the-Top companies (OTTs) account for 67% of online advertising investment, and the prediction is that it will be over 75% within 2017.
The online paid-content market is also on the rise, but is still modest in absolute values. Future growth of this market is routed through innovation, especially when considering what start-ups can contribute to this world.

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