Internet Media: Conquering new territory


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  • Date January 16, 2020
  • Observatory Internet Media
  • Language English
  • Pages 22
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How much is the Internet Media market (advertising and paid) worth at the end of 2019, and what are the current key trends?
  • What roles are played by the different advertising formats (Display, Video, Search, Classified, Native…) and the multiple devices (pc, mobile, tablet…) in the Italian internet advertising scene?
  • What are the most commonly used KPIs to evaluate online advertising campaigns?
  • What are the consumer habits regarding the different media content?


In 2018, the overall media industry in Italy recorded another negative result (-2%), due especially to a sharp drop in revenue from the sale of paid content (-8%). The Internet Media market had an overall positive result, and it has continued to grow, now exceeding a value of €3.2 billion. The main component is still advertising revenue, now worth €2.98 billion, 37% of the entire advertising sector in Italy. The component related to the online sale of media content (video, music, and news in digital format) is still somewhat contained in absolute terms and is now worth around €270 million. The subdivisions between media and channels are getting harder to track and to make out. In fact, some dynamics within the advertising world could push the frontiers of the “classic” digital market. Specifically, revenues from new “digital formats” are gaining ground, such as Digital Audio, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and Addressable TV. As the possibilities for brand companies to reach consumers has changed, thus, the communication and advertising forms, so too the types of products that can be offered, and of course the consumption behaviour of the end user.


  1. The media market in Italy
  2. Internet advertising: formats, devices and sales methods
  3. Internet advertising: beyond "traditional" frontiers
  4. The KPIs of online advertising initiatives
  5. Paid Internet Media: first Videos, then Music and News
  6. Screen time battle: Consumer choices for video content