Industry 4.0: Produce, Improve, Innovate


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  • Date June 21, 2018
  • Observatory Industry 4.0
  • Language English


Knowledge of Industry 4.0 is growing: only 2,5% of companies still do not know what it is, 55% have already implemented some 4.0 solutions. The Industry 4.0 market is growing in Italy, and for 2017 was worth between €2.3 and €2.4 billion. 92% of companies are familiar with the measures included in the Industria 4.0 National Plan, and around one half have taken advantage of hyper-depreciation and super-depreciation, one in four have invested more than €3 million. Around 30% of companies feel ready to face Industry 4.0, 24% plan to bridge the gap with training for employees.

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