Hi-Tech Startup in Italy


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  • Date October 21, 2015
  • Observatory Hi-Tech Start-up
  • Language English
  • Theme Startup


Innovative start-ups: record investment (133 million Euros) in 2015 from non-institutional funds (up by 32%) The Observatories for Digital Innovation of Politecnico di Milano and Italia Startup, in collaboration with SMAU, present, for the third year, their report by the Observatory for Hi-tech Start-ups. The estimated total investment in innovative start-ups for 2015 has risen to 133 million Euros (11% up on 2014), above the peak recorded in 2013 (129 million Euros). The revenue from financed innovative start-ups grew by 26% for 2014, reaching 184 million Euros in 2014. The employment rate is also increasing, with the number of employees climbing from 1252 to 1565, an increase of 25%.

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