Happy Birthday Internet (of Things)


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It has been 50 years since the birth of the Internet and 20 since the expression Internet of Things was first coined. In the intervening 20 years IoT technologies have multiplied and evolved, while numerous application areas have also advanced greatly. Think of cars, initially “only” connected via GPS-GPRS boxes for insurance purposes, today they emerge from the factory already “connected”, with various contingent smart services on offer to leverage this connectivity. Or the home, where we have witnessed the evolution from “only” wired home automation to wireless solutions that are becoming more accessible to all, featuring in-cloud services and the growing use of Artificial Intelligence.
Today we can say that we are in full development phase, including in Italy: the market continues to grow at a sustained pace, both in terms of value and maturity of the offer; LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) communication networks are expanding, as are 5G experiments; sensors are evolving, startups are proliferating and new market opportunities are emerging, for example with In-Thing purchase and design-driven approaches. Simultaneously, the ability to extract value from collected data is of strategic importance: Artificial Intelligence, privacy and cyber security are becoming vital for market development.

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Happy Birthday Internet (of Things)

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