Fintech & Insurtech: Italy sets sail


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  • Date April 01, 2019
  • Observatory Fintech & Insurtech
  • Language English
  • Pages 30
  • Function Accounting/Finance/Control
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What is the current level of digitalization of Italian banks and insurance companies?
  • Which business models do Fintech & Insurtech startups use?
  • What strategies do Italian banks and insurance companies use on the topic of Blockchain?
  • Which profiling mechanisms are used in Digital Wealth Management?
  • What is the current use level of Digital Finance & Insurance services by Italian SMBs and consumers?
  • What problems do they encounter? What are their requirements for the future?


The Fintech & Insurtech Observatory studies digital innovation in the world of finance and insurance. The 2018 Research focused on the following topics:
- The use of digital technology in Banks and Insurance companies
- The Open Finance Journey
- Design Thinking in Banks and Insurance companies
- Fintech & Insurtech users
- Digital Finance & Insurance in SMBs
- Business models of Fintech & Insurtech startups
- Blockchain in Banks and Insurance companies
- Digital Wealth Management


  1. The open finance journey: a journey towards digital innovation
  2. Design Thinking: a new way to innovate, in the financial and insurance world too
  3. Fintech & Insurtech services: top marks from italians
  4. Smbs: the offer is (almost) ready, demand needs some stimulation
  5. Startups: even more impressive growth
  6. Towards a data culture: how big data analytics, ai and iot are convincing everyone to value data
  7. Blockchain: towards a new financial ecosystem?
  8. Digital asset management: putting people back at the core