Fintech & Digital Finance, which model for Italy?


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  • Is the Italian financial ecosystem ready for the changes brought by the most important digital innovations?
  • How to govern the Digital Disruption in the world of finance?
  • Which Fintech services do Italians use?
  • How many people in Italy use innovative financial services?
  • What is the situation with Digital Asset Management and Robo Advisors in Italy and internationally?
  • Which business scenarios have been introduced by PSD2?
  • Blockchain or Distributed Ledger: what projects are running internationally?
  • What services do banks offer to SMBs, and via which channels?


Digitalization has brought compelling and substantial change to the world of banking and finance, changes that have been happening for over a decade already, with consequences that we still cannot fully comprehend on all fronts, such as the decline in the use of cash, the reduction in the number of bank branches and their staff, the role of new channels for communicating with clients, and the digitalisation of banking and financial activity.
The digitalisation of the financial system is not, therefore, something that has just come along in the past few years: so why dedicate an Observatory to the topic? The reason lies partly in the profound changes to financial and banking business models, where information has become not just the data behind every service offered, but frequently it is a true source of competitive advantage, and the speed at which these change forces are emerging, including a continuous redrawing of the lines of competition.
The Fintech & Insurtech Observatory has set itself the objective of defining and studying the main internal and external digital pressures that are significantly changing financial institutions, and banks in particular.


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