Digital Export, to each their own channel!


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Export through digital channels of Italian consumer goods continues to increase and in 2017 reached a market value of 9.2 billion euros with a 23% increase from 2016. 25% of this goes through direct online channels, while 75% is enabled by foreign operators. Big online retailers are the main eCommerce channel abroad, followed by marketplaces and private sales sites. The major destination markets are Europe and The United States, stronger presence for Russia, South-East Asia, China and Japan. Specific Export models for Country and sector are required.

The Chinese B2c eCommerce market, worth 752 billion euros and a 35% share of the global market, is the world leader. Nearly 38% of the Chinese population is a cross border purchaser and buys products and services online offered by foreign sites or specific Chinese platforms. In 2017 online cross border sales towards China have continued the growth registered in the last years, exceeding a value of approximately 90 billion euros. China is therefore a Country with a high growth potential for Italian digital Export. Identifying the digital Export model that is most appropriate for a company is the key to being successful on this market. The United States and Europe continue their growth as eCommerce markets. Both offer Italian companies excellent opportunities but also many challenges. Finally, Russia, with a B2c eCommerce that has nearly doubled in the last three years, is a promising area for the development of an online Export strategy.

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