Digital b2b: the basis for a digital Italy


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B2B turnover was worth 2,7 trillion euros in 2015. Taking the quota internal to Italy (2,2 trillion euros), B2B e-commerce was worth 310 billion euros in 2016, up by 19% on 2015. This figure makes up a mere 14% of the total number of B2B transactions in Italy. If we look a generic Supply Chain, business between producers and retailers accounts for most of the volume managed through digital solutions - over 50% of the total B2B e-commerce business - while 30% relates to producer-supplier transactions, and the remaining 20% is split between wholesalers and retailers and between producers and wholesalers. In all, 120,000 companies adopted B2B e-commerce solutions in 2016, up by 20% on 2015.

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