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  • Date November 30, 2017
  • Observatory Hi-Tech Start-up
  • Language English
  • Function Innovation/Strategy
  • Theme Startup


The 2017 research of the Startup Hi-tech Observatory highlighted that investments in hi-tech startup Equity in Italy in 2017 totaled 261 million euros, a 20% growth from the consolidated value registered in 2016 (217 million euros). In particular, investments made by formal investors dropped by 21%, from 101 million in 2016 to 80 million in 2017. Financing from informal players counterbalance the previous sector compensating, in part, the decline with a positive trend (+11%) that leads it to reach the 89 million euro mark (compared to 81 million euros of 2016). The highest, most significant growing component (which broadly compensates the decline of the formal investor element) is related to international players, that in 2017 totaled investments of 92.17 million euros, +163% compared to the 35 million euros registered in 2016.

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