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Cloud Transformation: evolving towards the agile organization with clouds


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  • Date December 20, 2018
  • Observatory Cloud Transformation
  • Language English
  • Pages 38
  • Type Business Scenario


82% of medium-large companies uses at least one Public Cloud based service and, in 23% of cases, extensively across core processes. Italian companies by now have begun the journey towards the Cloud and have made it an integral part of their IT strategy, considering it a preferential solution for the development of new projects (in 25% of cases), if not the only possible choice (6%). The challenge for IT departments today is drive increasingly complex IT Systems and trend the entire organization towards agility criteria.


  1. Cloud transformation: evolving towards the agile organization with clouds
  2. Main cloud evolution trends
  3. The impact of the cloud on companies
  4. Migration path towards a hybrid and multi cloud it system
  5. Hybrid and multi cloud drivers and usage scenarios
  6. Governing hybrid and multi cloud environments
  7. An orchestration model for hybrid and multi cloud environments
  8. Evolution of it departments
  9. The role of the agile approach in digital innovation project management
  10. Adoption status among smbs
  11. Evolution of the cloud supply chain
  12. Towards the interconnected cloud