Blockchain & Distributed Ledger: Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Value


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  • Date June 06, 2020
  • Observatory Blockchain & Distributed Ledger
  • Language English
  • Pages 12
  • Function Purchasing Accounting/Finance/Control Innovation/Strategy Legal/Compliance Marketing/Communications Human Resources/Administration Information Systems Supply Chain/Logistics Operations
  • Sector Agricolture Insurance Logistics and Transport Private practice Utility Public Sector

Responds to...

  • What happened in the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger world during 2019?
  • What are the most recent technological innovations in the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger field?
  • Which are the main sectors where Blockchain is used? Which are the main projects worldwide?
  • How are companies preparing to leverage Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technologies?


For Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, 2019 saw the consolidation of numerous projects started by companies in earlier years – from proofs of concept (PoC) to business applications – and the improvement of platform performance. There was no lack of radical innovations, both at technological level, for example Ethereum who announced the introduction of Proof of Stake with Ethereum 2.0, and at the level of new entrants, such as the arrival of Facebook with Libra and Telegram with TON. And finally, public institutions, who up until now had just watched from the side lines, have started to invest decisively in this technology, see for example, the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI). This global increase in awareness has confirmed beyond a doubt, the inclusion of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger among the major technologies for the future. The ecosystems created by these technologies can resolve the problem of a lack of trust in the absence of centralized intermediaries, thus enabling the Internet of Value.


  • Platforms
  • Use cases around the world
  • Future developments