Big Data: Market scenario


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  • What is the Analytics (Big Data and Business Intelligence) market in Italy worth?
  • How is the split by sector?
  • What data is used in company Analytics systems?
  • What is the spread of the new Data Scientist and Chief Data Officer roles?
  • What is the spread of Business Intelligence and Big Data systems?
  • What is the level of maturity of application environments?
  • Which roles use Analytics (Big Data e Business Intelligence) the most?
  • What are the main areas of interest?
  • How is the startup ecosystem positioned as regards Big Data and Business Intelligence?


The Report provides an estimate of the Big Data and Business Intelligence market in Italy, showing the strategic value of Analytics solutions for companies and for the Public Sector, highlighting their potential advantages in terms of competitiveness, profitability, timeliness, and increased efficiency of decision making processes. Also presented are the main characteristics of the phenomenon such as the value split by sector, data types mostly used in business analysis systems, and the spread of new professional roles including Chief Data Officer and Data Scientist. Finally, the report gives an overview of startups within the Big Data environment, at both Italian and international level.


  1. The Analytics market in Italy
  2. Data adopted and organizational roles in charge of their management within Italian companies
  3. Analytics solution types and primary users
  4. The startup ecosystem