Big Data is now: tomorrow is too late


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  • What are the main evolutionary trends in the world of Big Data Analytics?
  • How big is the Analytics market in Italy? How is it subdivided according to sector and company size?
  • Which items in Analytics spending show the strongest growth dynamic?
  • What are the most common types of Analytics projects? And the most mature projects?
  • Which technological challenges does the world of Big Data Analytics face?
  • How common are Data Scientists in Italy? What are the possible organisational configurations for managing Data Science?
  • How are small and medium Italian business approaching the topic of Analytics?
  • Describe the international ecosystem of Big Data Analytics startups


The Report seeks to provide an estimate of the value of the Analytics solutions market in Italy. It breaks the market down into the various technological components and highlights the main dynamics. The report also describes the impact of Data Science on large organisations, in terms of projects, skills and new organisational models. It also looks at how Analytics solutions are typically adopted by small and medium businesses. In conclusion, it provides a panorama of the startups working in the field of Big Data at international level.


    1. The growing importance of Big Data Analytics
    2. Key current trends
    3. Evolution and breakdown of the Italian Analytics market
    4. Types of Analytics projects
    5. The aims of Big Data Analytics projects and how to measure their benefits
    6. Roadblocks to adoption: why companies do not invest in Big Data Analytics
    7. Skills and organisational models for managing Data Science
    8. The technological evolution demanded by Big Data and the technology options available
    9. Value in, value out: how to govern Big Data
    10. The spread of Analytics in SMBs
    11. The startup ecosystem
    12. Big Data is now: tomorrow is too late