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Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives from research to market


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Responds to...

  • What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence?
  • What are the areas of application for AI? How widely used is it at present?
  • What are the enabling technologies for Artificial Intelligence?
  • What are the key parameters that can lead a user company to define itself as an AI Company?
  • What is the supply market like? Describe the value chain
  • What are the main research centres of excellence? Describe the startup ecosystem
  • How does Artificial Intelligence impact the employment market?


The Artificial Intelligence Observatory aims to approach this topic from a solidly scientific, yet at the same time operational and practical perspective. Specifically, the scope of our Research (in this and future editions) is to illustrate and explain, for a community perhaps broader than the usual Observatory research audience, the present and future implications and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for companies, consumers and society as a whole, while respecting, and not shying away from the complexity of the topic. This report contains the findings from our first year of Research.

The Artificial Intelligence Observatory is supported by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano and by the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB). Both worked together in the creation of this report, combing the managerial perspective of the School of Management with the more technological perspective of the DEIB. We deliberately sought out this approach to achieve our predefined scope and to get the best and broadest possible overview of the phenomenon that is Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. The History of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Areas of Application for Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  4. An Interpretative Model for Artificial Intelligence Tools
  5. Focus on: Virtual Assistant/Chatbot
  6. Applying our interpretative model – the Chatbot
  7. The Supply Market is Evolving
  8. The Artificial Intelligence Journey