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Artificial Intelligence: learn to fly!


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  • How much is the Artificial Intelligence market worth in Italy? Which areas attract the most spending?
  • What is the level of awareness among Italian companies of the topic of AI?
  • What level of maturity have Italian companies reached?
  • Which AI projects have already been launched?
  • What are the impacts on the world of work and on society?


The AI market is growing. In parallel, awareness of the topic among companies, and the maturity of projects are also growing. Having last year called on companies to take their places on the starting blocks, this year we are encouraging them to “take flight”. Using the “AI Journey” model, the Observatory has identified areas in which each company is called to plot their own course and their own development directions, in terms of business cases, tools to use and organizational choices. Hence the title of this year’s Research edition: Artificial Intelligence: Learn to fly!


  1. The Artificial Intelligence market in Italy
  2. Awareness among organizations operating in Italy
  3. The level of maturity of companies
  4. The diffusion of different types of solution
  5. AI and the impact on employment