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Interpretation and Application of Design Thinking across Roles


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  • With which objectives do the various business functions deal with Design Thinking projects?
  • Which are the skills and attitudes that are relevant to the various Design Thinking approaches?
  • How is the thinking style towards Design Thinking characterized by different business functions?


This report aims to deepen the interpretation and the application of Design Thinking by innovators on the Italian scene. In particular, the commonalities and differences in the adoption of this approach to innovation by different professionals are analyzed. Considering the exponential spread of Design Thinking in the managerial field, an increasing number of actors are in fact using this approach which, depending on the type of application, the context of use and the specific objectives to be achieved, has begun to develop different connotations and characteristics.
This report analyzes how Design Thinking and its variations in the four approaches discovered in the previous edition of the Observatory are implemented by different business functions. These aspects are deepened thanks to the analysis of the objectives pursued in Design Thinking projects and skills and attitudes emerging as most relevant in the various implementation areas.


  1. Introduction
  2. Research results
  3. Annex