Subscribe is the point of reference for professional updating on Digital Innovation: a single source of information, data and knowledge, with a multimedia and interactive platform that includes:

  • Webinar: online webinars that give participants the flexibility to learn, on their own schedule, the critical knowledge needed to develop new strategies and deliver on digital transformation, designed by analysts and experts with exclusive know-how (see all webinars)
  • Publications: a collection of reports and graphic statistics on Digital Innovation, with a strong focus on the Italian market (see all publications)
  • Video: a collection of videos that present in a simple and fast way the trends and key concepts on Digital Innovation

  Webinars and publications can be purchased as follows:

  1. Singular (€190 for single webinar and report, €40 for single graphic statistic and 90€ for single video)
  2. As an annual subscription fee that:
  • provides access to all reports at €690 (subscribe now)
  • provides access to all publications, videos and webinars at €1890 (subscribe now)



An annual subscription guarantees “personal” access to premium contents and services and cannot be shared with others. These subscriptions enable webinar video viewing for one year.


Group Purchase

Companies or organisations can register multiple employees in the same program or purchase multiple subscriptions. Special fees for groups of executives from the same organisation are available.


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