Transformation by Design

09 settembre 2019

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  • How to use Design Thinking to support organizational transformation?
  • Why is Design Thinking better for transformation than Change Management?
  • How to engage people in innovation?
  • How to build commitment into action?
  • How to strengthen your leadership through Design?


Innovation leaders are facing a new scenario, with challenges unique to the digital age we live in. First, digitalization is a pervasive driver of innovation. It provides opportunities to innovate not only products and services, but also to dramatically change organizations and ecosystems. Innovation moves therefore outside of the community of professional innovators. Everyone, regardless of the function they belong to, has a call and an opportunity to innovate. Yet, innovation outside of professionals raises many challenges, including capabilities, context, culture and ultimately, engagement. Professionals have been trained through years of experience to master the content and methodological skills. Non-professionals need to learn innovation and be supported in prompting change while dealing with business as usual. This webinar explains how to use design as a powerful tool to support organizational transformation. Also, it explains why traditional change management approaches do not work anymore, and why transformation by design is the new frontier of leadership. Design Thinking promotes co-creation, creative engagement, actions and results. This webinar shares the latest research results on how Design Thinking can become your key to engage people in change.


Roberto Verganti
Professor of Leadership and Innovation at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, where he co-directs Leadin’Lab, the laboratory on the LEAdership, Design and INnovation. He has been a visiting scholar at the Harvard Business School twice, and is an advisor for European Commissioner Carlos Moedas. He is an author for Harvard Business Press and MIT Press.


The Webinar addresses any organization engaged in organizational and digital transformation, Consulting Organizations, Design and innovation Studios.

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