Transformations in Consulting Paradigms based on Design Thinking

23 ottobre 2019

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  • How is Design Thinking transforming?
  • How Consulting Organizations organize Design Thinking teams?
  • How Consulting Organizations adopt Design Thinking in different industries?
  • How Consulting Organizations shape Design Thinking in order to face different challenges?


The webinar relies on visions and insights provided by almost 300 Design Thinkers around the world. Based on a scientific questionnaire, it provides a global overview of the frameworks, practices and tools applied by leading Consulting Organizations. The Design Thinking paradigm can assume different forms and interpretations according to the nature of the companies involved (consulting organization and client), the specific challenges, and the objectives of the innovation project. In order to explore the articulated nature of Design Thinking several dimensions of analysis have been organized in three main concepts: (1) Design Thinking SETUP aims at investigating the team composition and the goals addressed by the Design Thinking project; (2) Design Thinking PRACTICES aims at exploring the delivered project phases, the capabilities collected in the team and the attitudes embedded in the project activities; (3) Design Thinking VALUE aims at investigating the value generated by the adoption of Design Thinking from two different perspectives, consulting organization and client.


Claudio Dell'Era
Director of the Observatory “Design Thinking for Business” of the School of Management – Politecnico di Milano. Research activities developed by Claudio Dell’Era are concentrated in the areas of Design Thinking and Design Strategy. He is also Associate Professor in Design Strategy at the School of Management - Politecnico di Milano, where he serves also as Co-Founder of LEADIN’Lab, the Laboratory of LEAdership, Design and INnovation.


The Webinar addresses Consulting Organizations, Design Studios, Digital Agencies that aim at interpreting the transformations of Design Thinking in facing new and contemporary challenges, identifying and reflecting on the limits embedded in Design Thinking, discussing pioneering adoptions of Design Thinking.

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