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Believing that social media have nothing to do with a company’s business is a serious mistake. Too many examples are already showing the opposite. There are company success stories closely connected to su Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing campaigns. Social Media Marketing is one of the biggest challenges that managers are facing. The goal is to transform this innovation into an opportunity

The revolutionary reach of Social Networks has opened a new sales and business development channel that enables to increase a company’s turnover. However, not everyone knows the right language to use when communicating through Social Media, or the most effective platforms and engagement techniques.


This program enables to develop and enrich Social Media competences through strategic elements and operating aspects, with suggestions and best practices required to achieve tangible results



  • Establish a strategic Social Media plan
  • Understand how to manage Social Media and user relationships
  • Design engagement initiatives and ads to increase the number of clients and fans
  • Measure fundamental KPIs, read and interpret performance metrics
  • Evaluate the progress of publicity ads and strategy



The Social Media Strategy & Management program is composed by 8 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.






Social Media Strategy

  • How to define company goals on social media
  • Social audience: how to identify and recognize the company’s audience on social networks
  • How to define the company’s digital ecosystem
  • How to choose the most suitable social networks for my business and my audience
  • How to manage social networks: organization models and key roles for the social media team


Social Content Strategy

  • How to define an editorial strategy for the main social networks
  • How to design and produce an editorial plan for the various social networks
  • How to write contents that generate Social network engagement (Social content creation)
  • How to find contents for social networks (Social content curation)


Facebook marketing

  • How to use Facebook to reach, interact with, convert and retain your audience
  • Key techniques to develop your Facebook marketing
  • How to write contents that generate engagement on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook Insights to optimize coverage, contents and engagement


Twitter marketing

  • How to create a plan to manage Twitter communications to support your marketing goals
  • How to approach Twitter and what instruments to use to increase your followers and generate engagement
  • How to create marketing and advertising campaigns on Twitter
  • How to write tweets to attract new followers, generate engagement and promote conversions
  • How to integrate Twitter in your social media marketing strategy


Linkedin marketing

  • How to define a Brand strategy on LinkedIn (goals, resources, results)
  • How to create a successful company page
  • How to develop contents to create engagement and generate leads and clients on LinkedIn
  • How to create and manage a professional network on LinkedIn
  • How to identify and acquire new clients on LinkedIn


Social Selling

  • How to optimize personal social profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus
  • The Social selling process in 7 steps, from Prospect identification to closing a deal
  • LinkedIn for Sales Managers: LinkedIn Lead Builder and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Metrics and KPIs to measure social selling programs


Social Media Advertising

  • How to set up a social advertising campaign
  • Basic elements of a social advertising campaign.
  • The various Social network advertising options: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • What are retargeting campaigns and customized audiences


Social Media Analytics

  • A social media analytics framework
  • Main measurement obstacles
  • Paid, Owned, Earned media
  • Awareness, engagement, conversion, advocacy metrics
  • Social customer care metrics
  • Calculating Social media Roi



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