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Digital technology is rapidly changing when and how people work. Companies have a unique opportunity to respond to the needs of the work force and increase the engagement, productivity and agility of human capital.


Smart Working is a new way of thinking the work activity and Digital Innovation and it is the essential resources for organizations that are aiming to take on this challenge. Office virtualization was the start of a new way of working, in which people from anywhere in the world can be connected and use new digital tools to reach their professional goals.


This program aims to develop and enhance Smart Working knowledge and competences through a combination of operating and strategic in-depth analyses in addition to suggestions and best practices to manage these new work models at best.



  • Identify the best approach to adopt for a Smart Working model
  • Know the main advantages achieved with the new work models from an environmental, people, and company perspective
  • Learn about emerging technologies and applications that support Smart Working
  • Identify critical success factors in a Smart Working project and the approaches to involve key company roles



The Smart Working & Digital Organization program is composed by 5 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.






Transforming the Organization into a Smart Workplace

  • How to abandon traditional work models and create conditions enabling to respond to new business objectives while meeting people's needs
  • What is the best approach to adopt
  • What are the four dimensions of Smart Working


Smart Working: moving beyond Strategy to Business Value

  • What reasons lead to activate a Smart Working project
  • What are the design levers and organizational principles that contribute to achieving Smart Working benefits
  • What are the main advantages that can be achieved from an environmental, people, and company perspective


Empowering the Digital Worker

  • Who are the Smart Workers
  • What are Smart Working Soft Skills
  • How do certain work aspects change for Smart Workers (performance, career and work-life balance)


Architecting the Digital Workplace

  • What is the role of digital technologies in the implementation of Smart Working initiatives
  • Smart Office
  • Which are the emerging applications that support Smart Working


Smart Working Success Factors

  • How is a Smart Working project implemented
  • What are the success stories
  • Which roles are responsible for the project and how to involve other positions within the company



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