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Startup Intelligence is an innovative Research project that, in an Open Innovation logic, focuses on promoting contamination between the world of digital startups and inquisitive, open minded companies targeting innovation as a key element to success.


Startup Intelligence is an innovative Research project that, in an Open Innovation logic, focuses on promoting contamination between the world of digital startups and inquisitive, open minded companies targeting innovation as a key element to success.


Activities planned by Startup Intelligence are:


  • Research: each study is developed by specialized Digital Innovation Observatory Researchers leveraging their long-term specific expertise to identify and analyse the most interesting startups in each (specific) field. Census, mapping, identification of the most significant startups, and analysis of current scenarios and trends are the stages carried out for each defined area of Research. Partners are actively involved in this phase, sharing views and comparing opinions with Researchers. Every research cycle ends with an open discussion Workshop on innovation opportunities provided by the startups, and presentation of some keynotes of startups chosen with the partner. Additionally, the project includes three stages for more in-depth investigations of the processes defining relationships between companies and startups, to share best practices through open discussions and first-hand testimony.
  • Scouting: in the first two editions over 320 in-depth assessments of Italian and International startups have been completed, together with meetings with more than 70 startups. Support is provided to Partner companies in organizing one2one meetings with startups of interest.
  • Community: Startup Intelligence is the first and broadest Innovation Manager community in Italy coming together each month to discuss and debate on Open Innovation most relevant themes, with the goal of sharing experiences, projects, successes, difficulties, also through a dedicated social platform. Furthermore, an open Conference is planned for 2016 addressed to everyone “involved”in innovation, with the Partners attending as speakers at the planned round table discussions. The event will be organized together with the ’Startup Hi-tech Observatory and the Digital Transformation Academy Observatory.
  • Education and Contamination: the project represents an innovative training and internal awareness raising channel for partner companies, also on account of video recordings and the repository. With live streaming, this year’s Workshops are accessible to a broader audience of partner companies. The project leverages the experience gained by PoliHub in cross-fertilization between diverse experiences and knowledge, and collective education/training typical of incubators


At its third edition, Startup Intelligence has made it possible to census and analyse nearly 6,000 Italian and International startups and to meet with over 70 of them, with the involvement of 29 of the leading Italian companies and a few PS entities, the publishing of 12 Research Reports and 3 Takeaway Booklets.


Goals of the Startup Intelligence include:

  • Provide information and constantly updated data on technological and business innovation introduced by most recent national and international startups (Research)
  • Support scouting of startups that can become ICT solution/service providers and/or innovative business partners(Scouting)
  • Foster the debate between managers and professionals of different companies «dealing with» innovation to promote the exchange of experience and expertise (Community)
  • Contribute to spreading entrepreneurial culture and skills within companies (Education and Contamination)


The Research is focused on actively involving Partners in sharing Research data and implement appropriate fine-tuning solutions, if applicable, through various activities:

  • Sharing Slide Booklets and Research Databases and debating on resulting findings
  • Involving select Lines of Business with keynotes delivered by Partners on their real-life experiences
  • Possibility of requesting specific analyses on startups taken into account
  • Opportunity of nominating startups of specific interest
  • Sharing Workshop invitee startup short-list
  • Use of Community Social Networks


Research fields for the third edition are:

  • Evaluate and recruit startups (Mentor kit)
  • Smart Home&Building
  • Open Innovation organizational models, tools and processes
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • New business models
  • Smart Working
  • User/Customer Experience
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain


Investigation fields of previous editions included:

  • Cloud
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Enterprise
  • Mobile Consumer
  • Internet of things
  • Security
  • Environmental sensing
  • Social Network
  • Energy efficiency
  • eCommerce
  • Digital/Mobile Payment
  • Wearable
  • Lean startup approach
  • Startup and procurement
  • Corporate entrepreneurship & Open innovation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other Startup Intelligence Observatory Research, please contact Alessandra Luksch (email: luksch@mip.polimi.it) or Eliana Bentivegna (email: eliana.bentivegna@polimi.it) or Cristina Marengon (email: cristina.marengon@osservatori.net).