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The Smart Working Observatory was formed officially in 2012 as part of a wider research framework that, for over ten years, has been concerned with studying changes as to how people work. By smart working we mean ”a new management philosophy founded on a return to people being given flexibility and autonomy in choosing their spaces, their working times and the tools they use, against a backdrop of taking more responsibility for the outcome”. The Observatory proposes to be a point of reference for the development of a culture of innovation in work models within a smart working perspective and for developing methodologies based upon a multi-disciplinary approach that can support decision-makers (information technology managers/CIOs, human resource managers and facility managers) in public and private companies.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field research using questionnaires and personal interviews with CIOs, HR managers and facility managers in public and private organisations operating in Italy;
  • survey on a statistically representative sample of professional workers (office workers, middle and upper management).
  • three workshops by invitation for designated people in companies supporting our research and designated people in companies involved in the research;
  • public closing convention to present our research findings with talks given by officials from our sponsoring companies, where we bestow our Smart Working Awards and present influential smart working initiatives;


Smart Working Awards

Since 2012, the Observatory has been conferring a prize, our Smart Working Awards, to support a culture of innovation in smart working, alongside generating a virtuous mechanism to share excellence in practice and give visibility to the most successful initiatives. This recognition will be bestowed on deserving companies and public authorities during the closing convention, together with the presentation of our research findings.


Within the scope of our research, the Observatory will:

  • monitor the diffusion of smart working practices in Italy, closely examining initiatives and the relative planning levers;
  • recognise how digital technology (social collaboration, communication, virtualisation and smart offices) can underpin smart working, looking also at the associated opportunities and threats;
  • investigate enterprise mobility initiatives (apps, devices and platforms);
  • investigate best practice for smart working within the Italian landscape;
  • analyse the point of view of staff and their predisposition towards smart working;
  • analyse the impact of smart working on cities (for example, the role of co-working spaces).


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Smart Working Observatory

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