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The Mobile Banking Observatory was established in 2011 as the result of a collaboration between the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and ABI Lab (Centre of Research and Innovation in Banking, promoted by the Italian Banking Association). Its purpose is to conduct a critical analysis of how customer relationships in the financial sector are managed through mobile channels (smartphones, tablets and wearable devices), in order to increase understanding of the opportunities offered to the banking sector by digital innovation and omni-channels.


Research is conducted alongside meetings where research findings are presented and topics debated. These meetings are reserved for banks and Observatory ICT partners taking part in the research, with the objective of engendering a useful exchange of opinions, experiences and best practice among participants in the work group. In detail, the following will take place:

  • a kick-off meeting where the previous year’s results are presented and the new research series introduced;
  • four business meetings, held between November and May.


The research team also writes a report about the main findings and organises a convention in July to present and circulate their work and the detailed desk studies carried out through the Observatory.


The Observatory’s three keystone topics are omni-channels, innovation and performance measurement, forming the framework of our research. Omni-channelling is the basis on which a company operating in any sector will use nowadays as a starting point to position itself in the current market. This concept is an extremely strong incitement to innovation, which in turn is indivisibly linked to a company’s development and survival. Measuring performance, especially that of innovation, is fundamental in terms of making informed decisions about which innovations to implement within an organisation. In order to explore these topics further, the Observatory intends to:

  • stimulate constant debate within the community created specifically around the mobile banking world which includes Italian financial institutions and technological providers;
  • estimate the costs and benefits of an omni-channel approach and identify the main barriers to adopting a structure of this type;
  • investigate the connections between the various channels, focusing on how and why a costumer moves from one to another;
  • evaluate the current position of Italian banks and their trends in innovation, looking at platforms, targets achieved, new revenue, innovative services already developed and as yet to be developed;
  • analyse mobile services offered by a sample of international banks particularly open to innovation and/or particularly large, companies considered over-the-top FinTech-wise (sector of technology applied to finance), electronic money institutions (EMNIs) and retailers;
  • monitor start-ups operating in the FinTech world, to identify trends that will anticipate the evolution in Italian and international markets;
  • understand the details of the demand, in terms of number and type of users, usage behaviour, level of satisfaction, motivation for non-usage, etc.;
  • study the behaviour of mobile banking users, focusing in particular on mobile banking moments, that is, the situations when this channel is used;
  • study how users feel about specific innovative services;
  • define the level of precision and completeness regarding the indicator dashboard to be used to measure the mobile channel.

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The 2016-2017 Research conducted by the Mobile Banking Observatory oh the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and ABI Lab has been made with the support of Asseco, Cedacri, IBM, Ubiquity, Vivocha.

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Mobile Banking Observatory, please contact Ilaria Faiella (email: ilaria.faiella@polimi.it).